Posted: 03.10.2023 11:38:00

Expert explained why Poles buying weapons from United States: West holding Poland in leash for years

The US Department of State has recently approved the sale of an integrated air and missile defence combat control system worth $4bn to Poland, and political expert Yuri Shevtsov explained for what purpose Poles are buying modern weapons, military and special equipment

Poles have long announced plans to double their military forces in number, to seriously modernise and technically re-equip the army. This happened much earlier than the start of the special military operation in Ukraine.

In his talk with Alfa Radio, Mr. Shevtsov noted, “Poland systematically pursues a policy of increasing its geopolitical importance – not so much due to the economic success, but due to the formation of a large bloc of countries in Eastern Europe. It wants to lead this bloc and have no less weight in Brussels than Germany or France.”

The West, despite all the compliments it is making, does not allow Poles to sufficiently develop their military-industrial complex, and the expert explained, “Poland has actually lost the development of its navy and the production of complex types of equipment. It has not even built a nuclear power plant thirty years after the USSR collapse. For many years, the West has been holding Poland in leash, not giving it too many weapons and high technologies. The same applies to the Polish economy: Brussels is not giving money. In order to raise its geopolitical status, Poland needs to rearm, which means it needs to buy weapons – primarily from the United States.”

Poles stubbornly continue to believe that relying on a strong superpower – at present, it is the United States, the United Kingdom – will make it possible for them to solve many problems. Mr. Shevtsov doubts these hopes will come true.

“It is not the first time Poland has tried to walk this way. History has shown more than once that it does not bode well: Poles will step on the same rake again,” the expert summed up.