Posted: 07.12.2023 14:17:00

Expert: implementation of major projects always begins after Lukashenko's visits to China

Belarus and China are inspired and united by what can change the world for the better. In world politics, collective play is appreciated, so it is primarily important to avoid mistakes in choosing a team and be loyal to colleagues and partners. Actually, victory is not the ultimate goal in the Belarus-China friendly match that has been continuing for more than twenty-five years: this is how the decade-tested friendship looks like. Political expert Yuri Shevtsov explained what role the two states’ leaders play in the development of Belarusian-Chinese relations.

“The Belarusian economy is based on a large number of industrial and agricultural enterprises, and most of them are export-oriented. Therefore, the successful operation of these facilities directly depends on the foreign policy pursued by the state and its leaders. The main task of politicians is to respect the interests of national producers in foreign markets and promote the effective operation of Belarusian exports,” Mr. Shevtsov noted.

The expert continued, “Belarus’ President Aleksandr Lukashenko plays a leading role in this regard. Like an icebreaker, he is paving the way for the rest of the vessels to reach their intended goal. Without his participation, it would have been impossible to enter the Chinese market to the extent necessary for the successful operation of Belarus’ major enterprises. Moreover, the personal friendly relations between the two leaders contribute to this effect and open new doors for the implementation of large-scale plans. China is a very cautious, pragmatic and far-sighted partner. Thanks to Aleksandr Lukashenko, it has seen that Belarus is co-operating with good intentions and an open soul. People in China appreciate such an approach, that is why the implementation of new major projects always begins after the Belarusian President’s visits to China.”