Posted: 21.11.2023 17:16:00

Expert commented on Belarusians’ evacuation from Gaza: Belarus gets well with foreign political challenges

Following an order of President Aleksandr Lukashenko, Belarusian citizens were evacuated from the Gaza Strip, and this indicates that Belarus is a very flexible state – as noted by political expert Yuri Shevtsov in his talk with Alfa Radio

According to the expert, not many states would be able, while building relations with Iran, to take their citizens out of the territory where Israel is waging war. “Belarus and Israel share a lot of points of contact that make it possible for us to build relations. This is mainly due to the period when many Jews lived on the Belarusian territory. A lot of them left for Israel not because they felt bad here, but in search of an even better life," Mr. Shevtsov stressed.

Another reason for the opportunity to build a dialogue between the two countries is the absence of a tradition of some kind of anti-Semitism in Belarus, and Mr. Shevtsov explained that there are not so many countries of the kind in the world, “It helps Belarus build relations with Israel. Our states have a mostly positive history.”

The expert reminded that many Jews still have a good attitude towards Belarusians since the Great Patriotic War. He added that, in the Middle East, Belarus is building normal relations with the Muslim world, apart from Israel, “This is a rare case, but Belarus is demonstrating success. The reason is that we have a high concentration of political power, and this enables us to make complex manoeuvres in foreign policy that are not available to countries with a different political system. The countries where it takes much time to make decisions – i.e. liberal democracies – are much slower in doing something and are less prepared to conduct politics in warring regions such as the Middle East.”