Posted: 22.12.2023 09:23:00

Secretary General of Belarusian Red Cross: collective West turned principles of international co-operation into profanity

The reason for what the once reputable international organisations are demonstrating to the whole world today is the desire of some major players to do whatever they want – as noted by the Secretary General of the Belarusian Red Cross, Dmitry Shevtsov

“These are primarily the leading countries of the collective West, which have long turned the principles of international co-operation between states into a profanity beneficial to themselves,” Mr. Shevtsov said. “Look at what is happening in sports, for example: many international structures are guided by the same unfair principle in their treatment of Belarus. Similar approaches were in place in the past as well, but they were somewhat veiled by various semitones then. Meanwhile, at present, everything is quite straightforward and lacks any semitones: outcasts are openly being made of Belarus and Russia. Moreover, not only sophisticated and tendentious methods of presenting information are already in use, but also outright fakes and lies.”