Mexico refuses to accept migrants deported from Texas

... the US to ensure that migration is safe, orderly and not ...

Mexico , US , migration , Texas

Poll: 53% of Americans support building border wall with Mexico

... into the problem of illegal migration on site and urge Congress ...

US , Mexico , border , wall , migration

Albanian Parliament approved migration agreement with Italy

Albanian lawmakers have ratified a migration agreement with Italy, according to ...

Albania , Italy , migration

France to revoke birthright citizenship in Mayotte to curb migrants

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said that children of immigrants born in Mayotte – the French overseas territory situated between Madagascar and the African mainland – will no longer automatically become French citizens, Reuters reports photo: www.reuters.com Upon his arrival on the island Darmanin made the statement that it would no longer be possible to become French if a person was not the child of parents from this country. This abolition of birthright citizenship is the first in France’ ...

France , Mayotte , migration , citizenship

UN report: one in five migratory species at risk of extinction

More than a fifth of the world’s species are at risk of extinction as a result of climate change and human interference, according to the UN first-ever World’s Migratory Species report, released on February 12th, Reuters reports photo: www.reuters.com ‘Unsustainable’ pressure on these species could reduce their populations. Of the more than 1,000 animals listed under the 1979 UN Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS), 44 percent are showing population ...

UN , migration , extinction

Gaidukevich: US wants the whole globe to live by its rules, while creating migration problems by itself

... Belarus, Oleg Gaidukevich discusses the migration crisis and the attitude of ... barbed wire will ever stop migration. The problem that has arisen ... to the presidency, liberalised the migration laws and cancelled the efforts ... time, they create these migration problems themselves. Migration has arisen because of ... And then they say that migration is to blame,” Mr. ... will create normal conditions of migration policy. It has become unsafe ... solve the problem of illegal migration. The American authorities and Biden ...

Gaidukevich , USA , Migration

Migration policy concept approved in Belarus

... the purpose of Belarus' migration policy is to create conditions ... outlines the main directions of migration policy, according to which international ... planned to form a single migration space between Belarus and ... , deepen co-operation on migration issues within the framework of ... co-operation on combating illegal migration. In the field of ... optimising internal and external migration flows, it is planned ... integration of migrants, to facilitate migration related to investment, entrepreneurial and ...

Belarus , migration , concept

US opens border crossings as illegal immigration drops

... more closely to address record migration at their shared border after ...

US , Mexico , migration , border

Germany says it failing to integrate migrants

Former German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel said that the German authorities are not coping with the integration of refugees, TASS reports photo: www.reuters.com Sigmar Gabriel noted that, on the one hand, Europe ineffectively protects its external borders, while on the other hand, Germany fails to integrate the migrants who arrived here. According to the minister, it is the democratic parties that should raise this topic and explain the situation to citizens. Over ...

Germany , migration

French National Assembly rejects Macron’s immigration bill

French lawmakers sent the government’s immigration bill back for revision, without even debating it in the lower house of the Parliament, thus dealing a blow to President Emmanuel Macron’s attempts to pass laws without a majority vote, Reuters reports photo: www.reuters.com Far-right party leader Marine Le Pen and many conservatives joined forces to reject the bill on the first day of its consideration by the National Assembly. “The immigration bill has been a key plank of Macron’s attempts to ...

France , Macron , migration

Erdogan said EU should support Turkiye in fight against illegal migration

... in the fight against illegal migration, as this problem won’t ... states can solve alone. Illegal migration is a common challenge which ... in the fight against illegal migration. Erdogan noted that it is ...

Erdogan , EU , Turkiye , migration

Czech PM: Europe is far from eliminating causes of illegal migration

... solution that would prevent illegal migration – as stated by the Czech ... , but they help combat illegal migration [in the European Union]. It ... to accept someone else. Illegal migration, among other things, is associated ...

Czech Republic , europe , migration

Elon Musk warns of ‘civil war in Europe’

... , is dissatisfied with Europe’s migration policy and calls for migrants ... not make adjustments to its migration policy. Earlier, the Head of ...

Elon Musk , Europe , war , migration

UK passed illegal immigration bill

... passed a bill on illegal migration, according to which the authorities ... the problems of mass illegal migration, and the number of illegal ... migrants. The bill on illegal migration has been criticised by the ...

UK , migration , UN

Expert explained why Poland plans migration referendum

... to host a referendum on migration. In his talk with Alfa ... want to accept foreign cultural migration, since they do not want ... has been a flow of migration from the Middle East and ...

Shevtsov , poland , migration

Belarus’ Foreign Ministry shared its concern with IOM on illegal migration towards Western Europe

... and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) reached an agreement on ... opinions on the impact of migration and mobility on the sustainable ...

foreign ministry , iom , migration

Union State parliamentarians note high level of Belarus-Russia co-operation in migration policy

... and Russia on International Affairs, Migration Policy and Relations with Compatriots ... concept of the Union State migration policy. The document was developed ... and mechanisms for implementing the migration policy of the states – parties ... the field of a unified migration policy,” the press service stressed ... issues of forming a single migration space and prospects for legislative ...

Union State , migration

Giovanni Bazoli: balance of power is shifting not in favour of the West

... result in new waves of migration – are obvious. Due to intense ... migration flows to Europe from poorer ...

eurasian economic forum , economy , migration

Migration crisis becoming global

... growing risk that the migration crisis of 2015 will ... found guilty of facilitating illegal migration, extortion, perjury and embezzlement ... a sharp surge in migration across the border with ... there are other channels of migration, more widespread and well ... prevent a sharp surge in migration flows. The experience of ... the migration crisis that it has ... , poverty and unemployment. Climate migration has already begun in the ... the World Bank predicts mass migration. Groundswell Part 2 report ...

EU , migration

Belarus and IOM confirm interest in further co-operation

... of the International Organisation for Migration in the Republic of Belarus ...

migration , foreign ministry

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