Posted: 04.01.2024 11:29:00

US opens border crossings as illegal immigration drops

On January 4th, the US reopens four legal US-Mexico border crossings as high levels of illegal immigration have receded and freed up personnel, Reuters reports


The US reopens an international bridge in Eagle Pass, two crossings in Arizona and another near San Diego, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a press release.

“US border authorities struggled in December to process migrants as apprehensions reached nearly 11,000 in a single day, which several current and former officials said was near or at a record high,” the statement reads.

US officials say lawmakers are continuing talks over a possible deal that would combine enhanced border security measures and foreign aid, including military funding for Ukraine.

Last week, Mexican and US officials pledged to work more closely to address record migration at their shared border after top US officials travelled to Mexico to meet with Mexican President.