Posted: 06.12.2023 13:37:00

Czech PM: Europe is far from eliminating causes of illegal migration

Europe is still far from developing an effective solution that would prevent illegal migration – as stated by the Czech Prime Minister, Petr Fiala, TASS reports


During his recent visit to Austria, the politician noted, “I am not happy about the restoration of temporary checks between states located inside the Schengen area, but they help combat illegal migration [in the European Union]. It would be much more effective to solve [and eliminate] its causes, and we can only do this at the level of [the whole] Europe. Unfortunately, we are far from that."

Mr. Fiala added that the Czech Republic has almost completely exhausted the possibilities of accommodating migrants on its territory. He stressed that his country had accepted a large number of Ukrainian refugees.

"This, however, limits our ability to accept someone else. Illegal migration, among other things, is associated with trafficking in human grief, we must actively combat it," the PM emphasised.