Posted: 02.02.2024 14:30:00

Gaidukevich: US wants the whole globe to live by its rules, while creating migration problems by itself

The US state of Texas faces an acute problem of migration. A deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, Oleg Gaidukevich discusses the migration crisis and the attitude of the US authorities towards it during his talk with SB TV.

The programme co-host, Polina Konoga noted that Texas being one of the largest US states has a well-developed economy, it is a wealthy region. It also has the longest border with Mexico. Therefore, the situation with illegal immigration of people from this country directly affects the Texans. The host recalled the beginning of the famous wall construction during the administration of Donald Trump, where huge sums of money were invested, and as a result the project was never implemented. And now Texas Governor Greg Abbott is trying his utmost to solve the problem: the wall has been covered with barbed wire to prevent migrants from entering the country.

“No wall, no barbed wire will ever stop migration. The problem that has arisen in the United States of America with Texas has a very long history. Biden, after coming to the presidency, liberalised the migration laws and cancelled the efforts and bills that Trump had been pushing during his time in the office. Texas is flooded with migrants, tens of thousands of them coming in every week. And for 2023, two and a half million. Just consider these figures! Compared to the US, Poland looks ridiculous with its fence. The Americans have billions of times more opportunities and more money,” Mr. Gaidukevich stated. “And still it will not stop migration neither in Poland, nor in the US. From a geopolitical perspective, just consider: the US claims to rule the world. It wants to remain globalists. The US wants the whole globe to live by their rules. At the same time, they create these migration problems themselves. Migration has arisen because of them, primarily because of their policies. It makes no efforts to change the world for the better, to stop poverty and injustice, so that every country, every nation, including Mexico, Africa, the Middle East, may live in peace and use at least their own resources. But the US plunders everything. And then they say that migration is to blame,” Mr. Gaidukevich added.

Polina Konoga reminded that in the media space there are rumours that Texas may secede from the US and a civil war will start there.

“Texas will not secede from the United States of America, it is out of the question today,” assures the parliamentarian. “That is not profitable for Texas, and there is no consensus in the state on this issue. Texas is really the richest state. And I don't predict a civil war so far. But the civil split is already there. Look at how many governors and politicians have endorsed Texas power. They are sick of this politics, of Biden walking half alive around the White House. And instead of solving the internal problems, he suggests handing more missiles to Ukraine, bombing the Middle East. And the average American sits there and does not understand when the turn comes and they will create normal conditions of migration policy. It has become unsafe for them. They are worried about their own home, why children have become afraid to walk down the street at night, why drugs have become so plentiful, why guns are being sold illegally, why people are dying. They are concerned about such issues, not about [Ukrainian President] Zelensky, who is crazy... The average Americans - 99 per cent of them - do not care about him at all.”

Oleg Gaidukevich also explained whether the hype surrounding Texas is good for Trump.

“The hype is beneficial for him. He is already basing his election campaign, among other things, on the problem of migration. And he says he's going to solve it. But he won't solve it either,” Oleg Gaidukevich predicts. “No one today, neither in Europe nor in the United States, will solve the problem of illegal migration. The American authorities and Biden are both hypocrites. We should look for the causes of the crisis not in the fact that migrants are coming, but why are they doing that. We should look at why so many people are fleeing from the Middle East, from Mexico! As the US does not allow countries to develop normally, it does not want a just peace, and then complain about the invasion of migrants.”