France to revoke birthright citizenship in Mayotte to curb migrants

... country. This abolition of birthright citizenship is the first in France ...

France , Mayotte , migration , citizenship

Begun: foreigners arriving in Belarus see real attitude of officials towards people

... Begun, the Head of the Citizenship and Migration Department at the ...

Belarus , foreigners , citizenship , Interior Ministry

Charles de Gaulle's grandson plans to get Russian citizenship

... the possibility of obtaining Russian citizenship, TASS reports photo: www.tass ... for me to get Russian citizenship.” According to him, Russia offers ...

russia , citizenship

About 90 Estonians renounced their citizenship: one became Belarusian, more than 20 – Russians

... 90 people have renounced their citizenship in ten months, not always ... a Belarusian, while the Russian citizenship is the second most popular ... Sweden. Six people chose the citizenship of the Netherlands and Norway ... . As reported, 111 people surrendered citizenship in 2021, and 81 – in ...

estonia , Belarus , citizenship

Belarusian citizenship granted to 262 persons, including 26 minors

... the order on granting Belarusian citizenship to Ukrainian citizens was given ... citizens of Ukraine have acquired citizenship on various legal grounds. In ... other countries have received Belarusian citizenship. At the same time, the ... made a decision to reject citizenship applications of foreign citizens who ...

President , Belarus , citizenship

Media: former Americans filed class-action lawsuit, hoping to return money for renouncing citizenship

... citizens who have renounced their citizenship have launched a class-action ... indicated. Currently, to renounce American citizenship, it’s necessary to pay ... living abroad are renouncing their citizenship, the TV channel noted. According ... ,300 people renounced their American citizenship.

US , citizenship

Lukashenko approved Belarus’ citizenship oath

... materials on the loss of citizenship for participation in extremist activities ... amendments to the Law On Citizenship of the Republic of Belarus ...

Lukashenko , decree , citizenship

Belarusian citizenship granted to 422 persons, including 60 minors

... immigrants from Ukraine, applications for citizenship of persons who arrived from ... decided to reject applications for citizenship of a number of foreign ... President in August 2021, Belarusian citizenship has been granted to 8 ...

Lukashenko , decree , citizenship

Those who are ready to live peacefully and create value for their country should not be rejected by society

Protection of legal rights and interests of Belarusian citizens became one of the main issues on the agenda of the meeting to review the social and political situation and the crime rate in the country, which was chaired by Aleksandr Lukashenko The President touched upon a number of other pressing issues, including maintenance and repair of roads and the operation of sole traders. The Head of State also instructed to more actively promote and demonstrate the achievements of the Belarusian ...

Lukashenko , meeting , socio-political situation , crime , citizenship

Lukashenko signed decree on granting citizenship to 220 people, including 27 minors

... ,317 foreigners and people without citizenship have become Belarusian citizens. Of ... these, 5,491 are Ukrainians. Citizenship has been granted by the ...

President , Lukashenko , decree , citizenship

German man detained at Belarus’ border applied for refugee status

A border patrol has detained a man near the Polish-Belarusian border, and he immediately applied for refugee status in Belarus – as informed by the Belarusian State Border Committee’s Telegram channel In the course of further proceedings, it was established that the foreigner was a German citizen. He named the reason for his decision to change the place of residence: the deteriorating living conditions in Germany.

State Border Committee , germany , citizenship

Interior Ministry: 4,000+ citizenship applications considered in Belarus in 2022

... applications for admission to Belarusian citizenship have been considered – as informed ... of the Interior Ministry’s Citizenship and Migration Department According to ... of foreigners apply for Belarusian citizenship every year, and 4,075 ... basis for refusing to grant citizenship," Mr. Begun explained ...

interior ministry , citizenship , Belarus

Lukashenko signed decree on grating citizenship to another 355 people

... No. 378 on granting Belarusian citizenship to another 355 people, including ... those who have received Belarusian citizenship are immigrants from 26 countries ... , 3,385 foreigners were granted citizenship by the Head of State ... and 3,373 people acquired citizenship through registration. At the same ... a number of applications for citizenship. Such decisions are made in ...

belarus , President , citizenship

In the national interest

... amendments to the legislation on citizenship and amnesty According to ... 000 people have received Belarusian citizenship on various grounds. At ... by a special commission. Citizenship applications are filed by people ... be more meticulous about granting citizenship and, in general, about ... of his/her Belarusian citizenship, including birthright citizenship, if a court ... extremist who has lost Belarusian citizenship might be banned from ... understand that the institution of citizenship must be taken seriously, ...

Lukashenko , citizenship , amnesty

Family of teenager from Latvia who interviewed Lukashenko received Belarusian passports

The Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee’s Department of Internal Affairs put an end to the story of Ilya Karoza from Latvia, who interviewed the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, during the Slavianski Bazaar Festival of Arts. His family received Belarusian passports and are starting to count down their new life in the city on the Dvina River – as reported by the correspondent. In a solemn ceremony, ID cards and biometric passports were handed over to the teenager, his mother ...

Lukashenko , Latvia , children , citizenship , passport

Lukashenko signed decree on granting citizenship to 401 people, including 86 children

... No. 275 on granting Belarusian citizenship of 401 people, including 86 ... . Of these, the President granted citizenship to 3,030 foreigners. In ... cases, decisions on granting Belarusian citizenship were made by law enforcement ...

Lukashenko , Ukraine , decree , citizenship

90.9% of Belarusians are proud to be citizens of Belarus

Nikita Brovchuk, from National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Sociology, commented on results of a recent sociological study focusing on Belarusians’ patriotic values The poll – conducted from February 28 th to March 17 th – indicated that 90.9 percent of Belarusians are proud to be citizens of Belarus. When asked of what Belarus means for them, 64.8 percent of respondents answered ‘it is the country in which I was born’, 55.6 percent – ‘it is the country in which I live’, and 34.4 percent – ...

citizenship , sociological poll , patriotism

Lukashenko signed decree on granting citizenship to 319 people, including 290 Ukrainians

... Decree No. 171 to grant citizenship of the Republic of Belarus ... with the document, the Belarusian citizenship has been granted to 319 ... ,784 Ukrainians have been granted citizenship by the Head of State ... , including 390 minors. The citizenship and migration agencies of Belarus ... issued decisions on granting Belarusian citizenship to 1,750 citizens of ... countries have been granted Belarusian citizenship. Among them are, for example ...

lukashenko , citizenship , decree

I cried with happiness, admits Ukrainian lady upon receiving Belarusian citizenship

Some dream of a new apartment or an expensive car, while others dream of travelling to new places and seeing new sights. In turn, Nadezhda Sidkova dreamed of becoming a citizen of Belarus for seven years. When the lady took a so long desired document in her hands, tears began flowing down her cheeks. “Well, I am a Belarusian now. I am a part of this country,” Nadezhda says. In 2014, the woman escaped bombing and fled to Belarus’ Gomel Region from her native Donetsk – in a company of her little ...

citizenship , Ukraine

Eismont on granting citizenship to 448 Ukrainians

The issue of granting citizenship to 448 Ukrainians was under ... , 448 people have already received citizenship of the Republic of Belarus ... . She stressed that, currently, the Citizenship Commission under the President of ... has no pending applications for citizenship. "In the future, such ...

Lukashenko , citizenship , Ukraine

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