Posted: 14.11.2023 10:26:00

About 90 Estonians renounced their citizenship: one became Belarusian, more than 20 – Russians

Official Estonian media reported that almost 90 people have renounced their citizenship in ten months, not always choosing other EU states: according to the ERR portal, one of the former Estonians decided to become a Belarusian, while the Russian citizenship is the second most popular, TASS reports


The ERR portal of Estonian Public Broadcasting has released data from the Police and Border Guard Department, according to which 32 Estonians chose Finnish passports, 24 – Russian ones. Another nine people decided to become UK citizens, seven – of Sweden. Six people chose the citizenship of the Netherlands and Norway (three for each country), and two former Estonians now have passports of Germany and Ireland.

Several Estonians decided not to change the continent – becoming citizens of Belarus, Spain, France and Switzerland (one for each country), and one person went to the United States.

As reported, 111 people surrendered citizenship in 2021, and 81 – in 2022.