Posted: 18.07.2023 16:09:00

UK passed illegal immigration bill

The UK Parliament has passed a bill on illegal migration, according to which the authorities have the right to expel from the country people who illegally entered the country, but applied for asylum. The bill was criticised by the UN, TASS reports.


This bill in April was approved by the House of Commons, on the night of July 18th, the House of Lords also voted for it. It will enter into force after signing by the King of Great Britain Charles III.

The draft law was presented by the government in March 2023. It was supposed to solve the problems of mass illegal migration, and the number of illegal immigrants is only increasing every year. According to the adopted bill, the UK Home Office will be able to detain illegal immigrants, not consider their asylum applications and deport them to safe third countries, including Rwanda. The UK has already concluded an agreement with this country.

The British government stressed that the vast majority of those who entered the country illegally and asked for asylum are young men who are actually economic migrants.

The bill on illegal migration has been criticised by the UN. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and Refugees (UNHCR) called London’s legislative initiative ‘a departure from the country’s obligations under international human rights law and refugee law’.

“The bill denies access to protection in the UK to anyone covered by it, including unaccompanied and separated children, whether or not they are at risk of persecution, whether they may have been victims of human rights violations or victims of human trafficking or modern-day slavery and may have other justified requirements under international human rights and humanitarian law,” the statement said.