Serbia to daily buy gas from Greece and ship it through Bulgaria

... for liquefied natural gas in Greece, further delivering it through an ... opinion of the presidents of Greece and Serbia, the consumption of ...

Serbia , greece , Bulgaria , gas

Lukashenko: Belarus always interested in co-operation with Greece in wide range of areas

... , has congratulated the people of Greece on Independence Day, the Belarusian ... difficult geopolitical situation, Belarus and Greece will be able to maintain ... Lukashenko wished the people of Greece health, prosperity and well-being ...

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Police used gas against rally participants in Athens

Greek police dispersed a peaceful demonstration in the centre of the capital, using tear gas and stun grenades, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Avgi Photo: Some media reported that the riots began after protesters threw bottle bombs. On March 16th, rallies were held in Athens over a train accident that claimed the lives of 57 people. Since the beginning of the rally, much fewer people gathered than at the demonstrations in previous days, but later new groups joined. The ...

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Lukashenko extended condolences to Greece over train crash victims

... condolences to the people of Greece in connection with the numerous ...

Lukashenko , condolences , greece

Greece will not make concessions to Türkiye in its sovereign rights in Aegean Sea

... Hulusi Akar accused NATO ally Greece of escalating tensions and sabotaging ...

greece , turkiye

Die Welt: real war is brewing between Türkiye and Greece

... real war between Turkey and Greece is not excluded. Photo: www ... , although officially Türkiye and Greece are allies, in the recent ... President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened Greece with his soldiers who could ... conflict between Türkiye and Greece could bring the North Atlantic ...

Greece , Türkiye , NATO

Erdogan warned Greece of possible strike at any moment

... country ‘raised the topic of Greece's provocations at the NATO ... ," he said. NATO allies Greece and Turkey have repeatedly found ... to the Turkish Defence Ministry – Greece used a Russian-made S ... rd , Tayyip Erdogan said that Greece threatens Turkey with the S ... from NATO in connection with Greece’s use of the S ... Turkish aircraft. He explained that Greece ignores international law and good ...

turkey , erdogan , greece

Lukashenko hopes to strengthen relations with Greece

... , has congratulated the people of Greece on their national holiday: Independence ... diplomatic relations between Belarus and Greece. "I am convinced that ... to the friendly people of Greece.

Lukashenko , greece

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