Egypt joined South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel in UN International Court of Justice

... as constant strikes on the Gaza Strip and Israeli actions against civilians ...

Egypt , Israel , Gaza Strip

Switzerland to earmark $11m for Gaza population needs

... of the population of the Gaza Strip, TASS reports photo: www.reuters ... government believes that in the Gaza Strip, ‘2.3 million people, including ...

Switzerland , Gaza Strip , UN , famine

NBC: Biden will lose support of Muslims living in the US at presidential elections in November

... Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip. They now call Joe Biden ...

usa , biden , Gaza Strip

Thousands of people rallied in Greece against military plans of US, NATO and EU

... stop the bloodshed in the Gaza Strip. Mass actions were also organised ...

Greece , NATO , EU , US , protests , Gaza Strip

Egypt said international community has no will to stop war in Gaza Strip

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said that the international community does not have the willpower to stop the war in Gaza, achieve justice and law observance, TASS reports Photo: Abdel Fattah al-Sisi noted that Israel’s excessive ‘use of military force, collective punishment of Palestinians and attempts to force them from their lands occur amid a lack of willpower in the international community to establish justice, enforce and respect international law or even basic ...

Egypt , Gaza Strip

UN: all universities in Gaza Strip destroyed

... and all universities in the Gaza Strip have been damaged or destroyed ... schools were destroyed in the Gaza Strip. Moreover, there is not a ...

UN , Gaza Strip , children , education

Iranian FM urged to remove all obstacles to sending aid to Gaza

... aid to residents of the Gaza Strip, TASS reports Photo: www.reuters ... , children and refugees in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian territories’. He ... of all areas of the Gaza Strip, bypassing all restrictions. Earlier it ... ) continue to operate in the Gaza Strip. As of March 20th, 159 ...

iran , palestine , israel , Gaza Strip

Israel: we will not end this war until we destroy Hamas

... end the war in the Gaza Strip until it liquidates the ruling ... on the border with the Gaza Strip. The situation in the Middle ... Palestinian Hamas movement from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory on October ...

palestine , israel , Gaza Strip , hamas

Borrell acknowledged end of Western global dominance

... of the conflict in the Gaza Strip, EU foreign policy chief Josep ... of the conflict in the Gaza Strip have significantly increased the risk ...

Borrell , West , Russia , Ukraine , Gaza Strip

Trump said he would prevent WWIII after being elected US President

... that the conflicts in the Gaza Strip and Ukraine could have been ...

Trump , Biden , usa , Ukraine , Gaza Strip , WWIII

UN said it unable to provide Gaza with everything it needs alone

... General Antonio Guterres said the Gaza Strip needs commercial supplies of essential ...

UN , Gaza Strip , Guterres

Blinken said Arab countries ready to work to rebuild Gaza

... for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip after the end of the ...

Blinken , US , Gaza Strip , Europe , Arab countries

Egyptian President said he rejects any form of eviction of Palestinians from their territory

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has stated that he is categorically against any form of forced displacement of Palestinians, TASS reports Photo: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and his Palestinian counterpart, Mahmoud Abbas, during recent talks in Cairo confirmed their categorical rejection of any form of eviction of Palestinians from their territory. The Egyptian leader indicated that his country is currently making significant efforts and maintaining all ...

egypt , palestine , Gaza Strip

Media: Israel in talks with Congo on Gaza ‘voluntary migration’ plan

The Times of Israel reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling coalition in Israel held secret talks with Congolese representatives to discuss accepting thousands of migrants from Gaza as part of a ‘voluntary resettlement’ of residents of the Palestinian enclave, TASS reports photo: It is reported that Congo will be willing to take in migrants. At the moment, Israel is negotiating with other countries. Benjamin Netanyahu is working ‘on the possibility of ...

Israel , Gaza Strip , Congo

Lavrov: external forces want to use Gaza conflict and ignite a war in the region

... using the conflict in the Gaza Strip – as stated by Russian Foreign ...

lavrov , palestine , israel , Gaza Strip

Media: risk of epidemics in Gaza Strip rises

... among the population of the Gaza Strip, TASS reports photo: www.reuters ... and aid workers say the Gaza Strip has created an ‘ideal’ environment ...

Gaza Strip

Media: split in Biden's Office over Palestinian-Israeli conflict rising

... of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip amid the escalation of the ... that the conflict in the Gaza Strip has worried the American administration ...

usa , israel , Gaza Strip

FM on Belarus’ position on situation in Middle East: there should be two states based on UN resolution

... of the situation in the Gaza Strip. The emphasis was placed on ...

Belarus , palestine , foreign ministry , Aleinik , Gaza Strip

People — the main value

... have been evacuated from the Gaza Strip, which was engulfed in ... of their families from the Gaza Strip. This was reported by ... At the border with the Gaza Strip, our citizens and members of ... children. “The situation in the Gaza Strip today is very terrible. Every ... only when we left the Gaza Strip that we realised we ... difficulties of evacuating from the Gaza Strip, “The evacuation process is ... people. Staying in the Gaza Strip now is tantamount to death ... to get out of the Gaza Strip. Thank you! Our area ...

Belarus , mission , evacuation , Gaza Strip , special flight , help , citizens

UN humanitarian agencies won’t participate in establishment of ‘safe zones’ in Gaza

... a ‘safe zone’ in the Gaza Strip – as stated in a joint ...

UN , Gaza Strip

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