The Grayzone: German journalist reports on Ukrainian military’s crimes

... by the Ukrainian military against Donbass civilians, BelTA reports with reference ... . Lipp, she saw civilians in Donbass who are forced to constantly ... this. The German added that Donbass citizens are shocked by how ... journalist who is covering the Donbass events. In her native Germany ...

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150,000+ appeals on Ukrainian military’s crimes registered in Donbass

... by Ukraine’s military in Donbass – as reported by the Territorial ... channel Photo: Donbass residents have contacted a specially ...

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Gaidukevich: struggle for Slavic civilisation’s future under way in Donbass

... Russia – is under way in Donbass now,” the parliamentarian said. “We ...

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Gaidukevich: Donbass understands what efforts Belarus is making to ensure peace in the region

... to help the residents of Donbass, our citizens bring peace everywhere ... of his recent trip to Donbass, why people of this region ... purpose of our visit to Donbass was a humanitarian mission. It ... assistance to the children of Donbass for several years already; they ... our country. I went to Donbass as part of a large ... oppositionists should be brought to Donbass for an excursion. Did they ... Belarus among the residents of Donbass, “People there are very ... struck by the children of Donbass. During the trip, he ...

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Interim tribunal over Ukrainian militants may take place in Mariupol

An interim tribunal over Ukrainian militants and foreign mercenaries may be organised in Mariupol – as stated by the Chairman of the Committee on Criminal and Administrative Legislation of the People's Council of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Yelena Shishkina, RIA Novosti reports photo: Ms. Shishkina said that she does not exclude a possibility of holding a part of the tribunal on the territory of Russia, but an interim tribunal will be held in Mariupol. As reported, in ...

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Russian investigators found unknown chemicals at Azovstal

Specialists of Russia’s Investigation Committee found unknown chemical preparations on the territory of Azovstal in Mariupol. As supposed, they belonged to the headquarters of Ukrainian militants located at the plant, RIA Novosti reports. Photo: According to the news agency, investigators found ‘a syringe with white opaque substance of uncertain origin’ during an inspection of, presumably, the headquarters of Ukrainian militants in a bomb shelter. As reported, there were also ...

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UK and US pushing Ukraine to military venture in Donbass

... to a military affair in Donbass. In this regard, the situation ... to a military venture in Donbass,” the expert commented on the ...

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‘Thank you for your care and kindness!’

Donbass children recorded a video message ... hundred and fifty children from Donbass visited the best camp in ... Mitsevich Ukrainian children living in Donbass and their parents thanked the ... support to the children of Donbass!” said one of the mothers ... you gave the children of Donbass! May God grant health and ...

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