10bn barrels of oil discovered off Namibia

A deposit of high-quality oil has been discovered on the ... Namibia. According to the source, oil samples taken from test wells ... in Africa in terms of oil production.

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Expert explained how AFU attacks on Russian oil refineries would affect US economy

... Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked Russian oil refineries, to which the Pentagon ... could affect the price of oil. VIDEO SCREENSHOT The expert noted ... the AFU from bombing Russian oil refineries, although commenting on this ... Ukraine's bombing of Russian oil refineries, as it shakes the ... this situation, a barrel of oil will cost $130-150, and ... are quite unreliable. Maybe the oil companies will profit, but the ... next step is that Russian oil refineries are collapsing due to ...

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Libya tops oil production in Africa

... in Africa in terms of oil production, TASS reports Photo: www ... maintaining a stable level of oil production, and it is being ... March, Libya became the top oil producer in Africa: 1.24 ...

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‘Go and search for what the country needs’

... materials Gomel Region, Rechitsa District, oil production Ivan Yarivanovich In total ... to was the level of oil production in Belarus. During ... am getting explanations that the oil reserves have been depleted. ... industrial reserves has been ensured: oil — about 14 million tonnes, ... of 2022. Interesting facts about oil production in Belarus • In ... 1933, the first industrial oil inflows were received in Byelorussia ... Pripyat Trough. Gomel Region, Mozyr Oil Refinery IVAN YARIVANOVICH Novopolotsk, Naftan ...

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Lukashenko: oil reserves in Belarus are undervalued

... Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that Belarus’ oil reserves are undervalued, BelTA ... that the annual level of oil production in Belarus during ... has a monopoly in Belarus’ oil sector. The company really ... the geological conditions of the oil occurrence. There is no ... the industrial reserves of Belarusian oil currently stand at about ... to ensure an increase in oil production by an average of ... Of course, the conditions for oil production in the fields available ... fields are being developed and oil is being mined in ...

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Belorusneft Head: 2m tonnes is immediate goal for Belarus’ oil production

The immediate goal of Belarus’ oil production is two million tonnes ... a further step in increasing oil production in Belarus,” he ... affected the growth rate of oil production. Aleksandr Lyakhov notes ... about the ceiling for Belarus’ oil production, because experts proceed ... “The immediate goal of Belarus’ oil production is 2 million tonnes ... recovered from wells that accumulate oil. “This shows how the ... conditions for oil production in Belarus have ... for these rocks to produce oil, it is necessary to ...

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Six new wells added to Belorusneft fund in February 2024

... , Severo-Domanovichsky, Barsukovsky and Beskopylnovsky oil fields,” the company informed. The ... search, exploration and development of oil fields, drilling wells, the production ... of oil and associated petroleum gas in ... Belarus, and works in the oil sector of other countries.

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Bloomberg: Saudi Arabia to cut oil prices for buyers from all regions

Saudi Arabia will reduce crude oil prices for buyers from all ... . According to the news agency, oil consumption typically eases during February ... and March, with oil refineries shutting down some of ... also reports that world crude oil prices dropped in 2023 for ...

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India made first-ever Rupee payment for oil imports from UAE

... Rupee to pay for crude oil imports from the United Arab ... , paying in Rupees for crude oil purchased in the UAE helps ... on Rupee payments with other oil exporting countries. With over 85 ... per cent of its oil needs reliant on imports, India ... the lowest price, diversifying its oil supply sources and complying with ...

India , oil , Rupee

Brazil to join OPEC+ in January 2024

... , including the world's largest oil producers, Russia and Saudi Arabia ... . According to the Brazilian regulator, oil production in the country currently ...

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Middle East crisis could disrupt oil supplies and trigger price hikes

... years after the 1973 Arab oil embargo, the current crisis in ... the potential to disrupt global oil supplies and push prices higher ... ‘definitely not good news’ for oil markets. According to the Head ... been a significant reduction in oil production in Saudi Arabia and ... the conflict could push up oil prices higher, Executive Director of ... Press. Developing countries that import oil and other fuels would be ...

IEA , Middle East , crisis , oil , prices

Media: Biden sold about half of US oil reserves

... advantage of the US strategic oil reserve last year, when the ... to a sharp increase in oil prices, and he is now ... than 40 percent of strategic oil reserves in 2022 to help ... face of disruptions in global oil supplies. The situation in the ... to reporters that ‘the strategic oil reserve has been reduced to ... defend itself, arguing that enough oil is still stored in the ...

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Egypt holding tender for development of oil fields in 23 zones

The Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources of Egypt ... the exploration and development of oil fields in 23 new zones ... proposals include regions in all oil areas of Egypt. He explained ... country seeks to increase its oil production and attract investments for ...

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Focus on innovation

... Distroct — in terms of oil production, it is closest to ... During this time, nine new oil fields and 32 deposits were ... been discovered at the Metelnoye oil and gas condensate field — ... Polyakov, Director of the Yangpur oil company explained. Surveys in Western ... already shown that the recoverable oil resources here are 198 thousand ... obtained. The achievements of oil workers are the sum of ... the territory of the old oil province, where the company ... We are breaking records in oil and gas production, we have ...

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China increased oil and gas imports since early 2023

... January-July 2023, China increased oil imports by 12.4 percent ... imported 325.752m tonnes of oil; in price terms, the purchase ... of crude oil abroad cost $187.293bn (12 ... purchased 43.686m tonnes of oil abroad for $23.904bn. In ...

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Expert: Biden missed opportunity to buy oil for US at low prices

... missed an opportunity to purchase oil for strategic reserves at low ... in a difficult position, since oil exporting countries are reducing production ... in a difficult position regarding oil when it decided to postpone ... plans to replenish strategic oil reserves again. At the beginning ... , it missed an opportunity when oil prices were below $80 and ... not aware of the changing oil prices.” According to the expert ... , the strategic oil reserve in the United States ...

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China imported 23.7% more oil from Russia in January-May

... to lead in terms of oil exports to China. Deliveries of ... statistics, the second place in oil supplies to China is occupied ... 40 countries that appear as oil suppliers to China in 2023 ...

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Russian Energy Ministry: West continues to buy Russian gas and oil, doing this in back way

... stopped buying Russian gas and oil, and they are doing this ... Western countries buy gas and oil from Russia, Mr. Shulginov said ... on seaborne imports of Russian oil came into force. The G7 ... a price cap for Russian oil supplied by sea at $60 ...

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US media: India to increase strategic oil reserves

... to consider increasing its strategic oil reserves by buying 9.2m ... its strategic hoard of crude oil, joining the US as the ... about 9.2m barrels of oil. Earlier, the Indian Government offered ... accommodate about 8m barrels of oil. At the beginning of 2023 ...

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UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq and Algeria to voluntarily cut oil production

... intend to cut their crude oil production from May until the ... Sultanate will voluntarily reduce its oil production by 40,000 barrels ... it will voluntarily cut its oil production by 48,000 barrels ... cut 211,000 barrels of oil per day. The Saudi state ...

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