Since 2001, area of mountain forests dropped by 7%

... , according to the observations of scientists published in the journal One ...


15 million people live under threat of glacial floods, researchers find

... South American Andes, according to scientists, are of greater concern, since ...

Scientists , research , New Zealand , glacier

Cancer immunotherapy using stem cells successfully tested in Japan

Japanese scientists from Kyoto University have successfully ... , but the experiments of Japanese scientists indicate that iPS cells are ...

Japan , cancer , scientists

Belarusian and Indian scientists held seminar on co-operation in technical sciences

... Over forty NAS and CSIR scientists took part in the event ...

Belarus , India , scientists , NAS , CSIR

National heritage

... Head of State congratulated the scientists on conferring high ranks, noting ... standards Every invention of Belarusian scientists becomes part of the national ... sure of this. Nevertheless, you, scientists, understand more than anyone that ... of Sciences diplomas to eight scientists. Among them was Doctor of ... the Head of State with scientists continued in an informal setting ... — the IT company. “We, Belarusian scientists, are ready to implement the ...

Lukashenko , scientists , UMiraTvorenie

Lukashenko: each Belarusian scientific discovery becomes part of national treasure

... of Independence Addressing the invited scientists, the President noted, “We traditionally ... time, the achievements of Belarusian scientists are a reason for the ... all Belarusians. “You are Belarusian scientists. All your extraordinary ideas and ... . The Belarusian leader warmly congratulated scientists on conferring high titles, “You ... a result of hard work. Scientists are highly respected and supported ...

Lukashenko , scientists

Scientists link impaired brain function with excessive screen time in childhood

... , citing a study by Singaporean scientists, TASS reports Photo: www.socalmental ... was conducted over several years, scientists observed 506 children. They collected ... cognitive deficits were identified by scientists. In particular, the researchers found ... , and persisting in hard tasks. Scientists also suggest that gadgets negatively ...

scientists , gadgets , children

World ocean set new record for absorbed heat

An international team of climatologists has concluded that, over the past year, volumes of the heat stored in upper layers of the World Ocean waters grew to a record level of 255 zettajoules, or 10.9 zettajoules more than in 2020, TASS reports with reference to Science Advances journal Photo: Climatologists believe the World Ocean remains the main natural retard of climate change. Since the pre-industrial era, its waters have absorbed about 90 percent of the heat and about a ...

scientists , ocean

Astronomers measure exact distance to Milky Way’s most distant stars from Earth

... -years away from us, helping scientists clarify the position of the ... exact size and absolute luminosity. Scientists overcome the problem by observing ...

Galaxy , Milky Way , stars , Earth , scientists

Scholarships of Belarus’ President granted to 64 young scientists

... . 241rp On Encouraging Talented Young Scientists, BelTA reports with reference to ... creative initiative of talented young scientists, strengthening the potential of domestic ... with the decree, 64 young scientists will receive scholarships of the ... of 35. Twenty-six young scientists under the age of 30 ...

Lukashenko , scientists , decree

Russian scientists developed VR simulator for cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Scientists from the Sechenov University joined ...

scientists , russia , virtual reality , medicine

BSU scientists develop radiation monitoring system

... functionality of the complex. The scientists plan to equip it with ...

BSU , scientists , radiation , control

Scientists discover microplastics in whales

American scientists from Stanford University have discovered ...

Scientists , science , plastics , whales

Belarusian scientists sign agreements in innovation area at InnoWeek.Uz-2022

... Marinich. A delegation of Belarusian scientists consisting of a member of ...

Innovation , delegation , scientists , Belarus , Uzbekistan

US scientists claimed to have developed COVID strain with 80% kill rate

... According to the Daily Mail, scientists have created a hybrid virus ... individual died. The work of scientists at Boston University’s National ...

USA , scientists , coronavirus

Lukashenko instructed National Academy of Sciences to organise exhibition of scientists' achievements

... of the National Academy’s scientists. We know how to do ...

Lukashenko , gusakov , nas , belarus , scientists

Ancient fossil DNA discovered in Antarctica

Researchers from Germany and Australia have discovered 1-million-year-old marine DNA in deep-sea sediments of the Scotia Sea, north of the Antarctic continent – according to the work published in the Nature journal, TASS reports Photo: “Our finding is so far the oldest fossil DNA that has been extracted from underwater sediments. Among its fragments, there are also segments of the genome of diatoms that play an important role in food chains in marine ecosystems,” said Linda ...

Scientists , antarctica , fossil DNA

Over past 40 years, winter snow cover in mountain areas decreased by 11.5% worldwide

Italian climatologists have found that the typical snow cover area in the mountains has decreased by 11.5 percent during winter and decreased by 3.6 percent overall compared to 1982 – as noted by the Eurac Research Centre’s press service, TASS reports “Our measurements confirmed what previous assessments of colleagues indicated. Snow cover on mountains around the world, with a few minor exceptions, continues to decline rapidly. As a result, the period of snow cover in mountain areas around the ...

Climate , scientists

Belarusian scientists conduct research on lands contaminated with radiation

... the Republic of Belarus.” Belarusian scientists have also developed an algorithm ...

Scientists , research , radiation

The foundation of the state

... most important task for Belarusian scientists. The significance of the mother ... sign of special respect for scientists. However, the entire sovereign history ... state has no doubt that scientists will cope with such an ...

Lukashenko , awards , science , scientists

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