Posted: 19.04.2023 17:43:00

New renewable water source found in Moon samples

Scientists have discovered a new renewable water source in samples from the Moon delivered by the Chinese mission in 2020, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the study published in the Nature Geoscience journal

According to The Associated Press, there is water in the tiny glass glowing beads of lunar mud, which are formed when colliding with meteorites. Scientists have examined 32 beads; their size is from one to several hairs wide. When colliding with hydrogen molecules in the solar wind, the beads can constantly release water. Scientists believe there are billions and trillions of such particles, but it is very difficult to extract them.

“Our direct measurements of this surface reservoir of lunar water show that impact glass beads can store substantial quantities of solar wind-derived water on the Moon,” the report reads.

During future robotic missions, it may be possible to extract water by heating beads, but scientists are yet to decide on whether it will be drinkable.