Single Voting Day: main results and trends

The Single Voting Day has been held for the ... early voting and the main Single Voting Day on February 25th were preceded ...

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The tradition of popular sovereignty

... its land On February 25th, Single Voting Day was held for the first ...

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No radical scenario will work in Belarus

... am convinced — especially after the Single Voting Day and our elections. We will ...

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MP: Single Voting Day drew a line under Belarus’ political cycle

Single Voting Day was a new milestone in ... referendum followed, and our recent Single Voting Day became the final flourish – the ... move forward instead. Differently speaking, Single Voting Day was a referendum on trust ...

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Russia’s State Duma Chairman: Single Voting Day results proved Belarusians’ absolute support of Aleksandr Lukashenko

... in Belarus were held on Single Voting Day. The same model is used ...

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CEC to consider elections for part of Belarusian People’s Congress delegates on March 1st

... the parliamentary elections held on Single Voting Day were disclosed “In accordance with ... 1st, during the summarisation of Single Voting Day results [at the CEC meeting ...

Karpenko , House of Representatives , CEC , single voting day

International observer: Belarus has serious competition in elections

... Getta noted. As for holding Single Voting Day, according to the international observer ...

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CIS mission observer: Belarus is example for Russia in many ways

... , shared his impressions about Belarus’ Single Voting Day “I visited nine polling stations ...

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Expert: voter turnout showed Belarus passed political maturity test

... active participation of citizens in Single Voting Day showed that the country passed ...

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Russian President congratulated Aleksandr Lukashenko on successful holding of Single Voting Day

... the successful holding of the Single Voting Day and the confident victory of ...

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Independent observer: level of voting observation in Belarus much higher than in Switzerland

The system for collecting information about the voting process has been built very clearly and consistently – as stated by an independent observer from Switzerland, Wilhelm Wyss, during his visit to the Public Election Observation Centre “I’m very impressed by the level of organisation of the centre’s work. Similar structures operate during election campaigns in Switzerland. However, the level of responsibility for the voting process, I think, is much higher in Belarus,” noted Wilhelm Wyss. The ...

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Opinion: Belarusians expect further development of independent and peaceful state

... at 59.17 percent. “A Single Voting Day worked as a practice. Traditionally ...

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German observer: I don’t see any problems in Belarus’ election process

Before criticising the elections in Belarus, the German government needs to restore order in its own country, an independent observer from Germany, Gunnar Lindemann, told the portal The expert said that this is not his first visit to Belarus, “I’m very glad that I was invited to observe your elections. It is important to see that everything is organised in a democratic way. At the moment I do not see any problems in the election process. Everything is held properly and democratically.” A ...

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98-year-old Brest veteran: elections show our unity

Brest residents who were unable to come to polling stations on their own today have this opportunity at home, with a 98-year-old veteran of the Great Patriotic War, an honorary border guard of Belarus, retired colonel Nikolai Melnik, visited by members of the election commission of Brest’s polling station No. 21, Aleksandr Prokopenko and Olga Navtsenya Casting his vote for candidates for deputies, Nikolai Melnik underlined that it is every citizen’s duty of to take part in the elections, “Today ...

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International observers: Single Voting Day impress with high level of organisation

... organisation and conduct of the Single Voting Day, with co-ordinator of the ...

Single Voting Day , International observers

Lukashenko voted in elections of deputies of House of Representatives and local councils

On February 25th, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has taken part in the voting in the elections of deputies to the House of Representatives and local councils, casting his vote at polling station No. 478 located at the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture The President greeted the observers and members of the election commission, received the ballots, filled them out in a voting booth and dropped them into a ballot box. Aleksandr Lukashenko traditionally talked to ...

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Lithuanian observer: order reigns in Belarus, including during elections

The Chairman of the International Forum of Good Neighbourhood, Edikas Jagelavicius, has been accredited by Belarus’ Central Election Commission as an independent observer from the Republic of Lithuania. He is well acquainted with the republic, and, prior to the elections, he held many meetings countrywide, including with the Belarusian party leaders. “I do not think I will see anything new while observing the elections. After all, I know perfectly well that the order which I appreciate reigns ...

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Kochanova explained why OSCE representatives not invited to elections in Belarus

The Chairperson of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, Natalya Kochanova, explained why OSCE representatives had not been invited to the parliamentary elections as she met with a group of the IPA CIS international observers headed Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Konstantin Kosachev “It is today a crucial period in the life of our country, and I am glad that you – being professionals in your field – will be able to ...

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Single Voting Day kicked off in Belarus

Today, on February 25 th , Single Voting Day is being held in Belarus, ... the elections of deputies on Single Voting Day. Security issues were taken into ...

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Expert: innovations in electoral legislation beneficial for both state and voters

... entered its most active phase - Single Voting Day on February 25th - and within ... Anatoly Kurak, told what innovations Single Voting Day will be remembered for. “For ... . It should be noted that Single Voting Day, set for the last Sunday ... also be considered positive that Single Voting Day takes place in winter, as ...

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