Lukashenko: Belarus has good equipment but lacks responsibility for it yet

... of ensuring the safety of agricultural equipment Photo: ... State was shown samples of agricultural machinery for various types of ...

Lukashenko , President , agriculture

Lukashenko on stones and fugitives

... of his work in the agricultural sector. “However, it is necessary ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , agriculture

Zayats: by observing agricultural technology it’s possible to reap wonderful harvests with Belarusian seed varieties

If all agricultural technologies are observed, it is ... Deputy PM in charge of agriculture, but after moving to the ... ,” Leonid Zayats said. “With good agricultural technology and proper approaches, we ... rural development and increasing the agricultural efficiency, Aleksandr Lukashenko also spoke ...

Belarus , Zayats , agro-industrial complex , agriculture , harvest

Lukashenko tasked Belarus’ poultry industry to annually produce up to 800 thousand tonnes of poultry meat and 4 billion eggs

... on rural development and increasing agricultural efficiency photo: ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , poultry farming , agriculture

Lukashenko demanded unconditional implementation of planned investment projects to construct dairy farms

... on rural development and increasing agricultural efficiency, the President of Belarus ...

Lukashenko , dairy farm , Belarus , agriculture

Lukashenko demanded to establish strict control over compliance with regulations and standards for feeding livestock and poultry

... rural development and improving the agricultural sector efficiency, President of Belarus ... that scientists, together with the Agriculture and Food Ministry, annually report ... ! I demand the Government, the Agriculture and Food Ministry, the Academy ...

Lukashenko , President , agriculture

Lukashenko: it’s necessary to develop 10-year pig breeding development strategy

... on rural development and increasing agricultural efficiency photo: ...

Lukashenko , agriculture , pig breeding , Belarus

Lukashenko: time to bring agricultural sector to new technological level

... to bring the country’s agricultural sector to a new technological ... on rural development and increasing agricultural efficiency. According to the Head ... asserted that world leaders in agricultural production are investing heavily in ... 80 percent in their agricultural sector. “Smart agriculture today and tomorrow is ... now. We must revolutionise agricultural machine building and agriculture,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , agriculture

Lukashenko set task of making agricultural sector work more sustainable, and its development progressive

... rural development and improving the agricultural sector efficiency. The conversation has ... included issues of developing the agricultural sector, improving its efficiency and ... , make the work of the agricultural sector more sustainable, and its ...

Lukashenko , President , agriculture

Belarusian dairy products received certification for supply to Algerian market

... held talks with Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of the ... bilateral projects in the agricultural sector and agricultural machine building, as well ... talks. The Algerian Ministry of Agriculture and Food also transferred its ...

Belarus , Algeria , Foreign Ministry , Aleinik , co-operation , agriculture

Kuwait keen on Belarus’ experience in agricultural development

... interest in Belarus’ experience in agricultural development and said that the ... to participate in the Belagro agricultural exhibition, scheduled for June 4th ...

Belarus , Kuwait , Ambassador , co-operation , agriculture

Drone of great capabilities

... to introduce best practices in agricultural industrial and other areas. ... the Vitebsk Zonal Institute of Agriculture at Belarus’ National Academy ... using drones in Vitebsk Region agriculture. Moreover, they have already ... graduating from the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy, I got to ... contact with the wheels of agricultural machinery is extremely undesirable. ... absentia at the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy and are keenly ... interested in new developments in agriculture. Agri drones are the ...

Belarus , drone , innovation , Mazolovogaz , agriculture , technology

Poland said it would protect its agriculture from Ukraine

Polish Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Michal Kolodziejczak ... that Poland would protect its agriculture in relations with Ukraine ‘like ... .com Michal Kolodziejczak noted that agriculture in Poland is the most ... the country would defend Polish agriculture in the same way as ...

Poland , Ukraine , Agriculture

Lukashenko commented on weather and situation in agriculture after winter

... the situation in the Belarusian agriculture after the winter Among other ...

Lukashenko , agriculture

Belarusians can offer construction of farms and corn growing technologies to S. Sudan

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security of South ... today’s meeting at Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Ministry that her ... interested in different type of agricultural equipment – to get good harvest ... be a driver in our agriculture, we need to revive the ... , and this production depends on agriculture. Vegetables (cabbage, carrots and tomatoes ... , and trailers.” Belarus’ First Deputy Agriculture and Food Minister, Sergei Fedchenko ...

Belarus , south sudan , agriculture , co-operation

Opinion: farming being destructed in Europe to monopolise agriculture

... in Europe and what the agricultural sector monopolisation can lead to ... Germany, for example, farmers and agriculture have a serious influence, but ... remove farmers, since monopolisation of agricultural production and destruction of small ... this trend could lead to, “Agriculture will be controlled by large ...

agriculture , europe , poland , germany , Dzermant , opinion

Belarus’ NAS to develop agricultural co-operation with Italy

... liaisons in the field of agriculture, with a round table discussion ...

Belarus , Italy , NAS , Gusakov , agriculture , co-operation

Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Ministry: Mongolia is a strategic partner for our country

... strategic partner for Belarus, Deputy Agriculture and Food Minister of our ... many years. We actively supply agricultural products and food there, increasing ... range of areas, including industry, agriculture, transport and logistics, as well ... on the supply of Belarusian agricultural machinery and breeding cattle of ... , sectoral ministries and organisations, and agricultural enterprises.

Mongolia , Belarus , agriculture , co-operation

Ambassador: Belarus can help achieve key goals of Kenya’s agricultural policy

... security, increase the efficiency of agricultural production and output, and ... to use Belarusian technologies in agriculture.” The author of the ... of the leading producers of agricultural machinery in Eastern Europe, ... as well as agricultural products such as fertilisers. ... priorities: increasing the efficiency of agricultural production and ensuring food security ... of the Kenyan economy. Agriculture is the backbone of the ... countries around the world. Agriculture accounts for 7 percent of ...

Belarus , Kenya , Ambassador , agriculture , co-operation

Bartosh discussed with Cuban Ambassador the supply of milk powder

Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Minister Sergei Bartosh ... of bilateral co-operation in agriculture, the implementation of joint projects ... on Liberty Island. photo: Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry’s Telegram ... combustion engines, tyres, spare parts, agricultural machinery and equipment. The leading ...

Belarus , Cuba , Bartosh , agriculture , co-operation

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