Posted: 30.04.2024 12:00:00

Lukashenko on stones and fugitives

During his working trip to the Kostyukovichi District today, President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko explained why fugitives’ accusations that people collect stones in Belarusian fields are baseless


The Head of State noted that ‘our fugitive scoundrels’ had allegedly got concerned that people in Belarus – including schoolchildren, students and the military – collect stones in the fields, saying that special equipment is available for this purpose in the ‘civilised’ West. Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that there are such machines in Belarus as well, and they were in use in the country even back in the times of his work in the agricultural sector. “However, it is necessary to watch money. This equipment cannot be used everywhere. There must be manoeuvres,” he said, explaining that such aggregates are effective in the fields where there is an excess of stones. In turn, it is more expedient to use manual labour in the territories where there are not so many of them.

“We have everything. We just need to look at where and how to use it," the Head of State stressed.

By the way, the Belarusian equipment produced in Dzerzhinsk is 40 percent cheaper than its Polish versions. At the moment, the localisation level stands at 85 percent, but 100 percent are soon to be reached.

The President appreciated the operation of the unit in the field, “There is perfect cleanliness, so sowing is possible.”