Drone of great capabilities

... Mazolovogaz began with a multispectral drone. The images obtained by the ... designed for 30 litres. Drone production per day is about ... working with concentrated drugs. The drone comes with three batteries, each ... -off. In contrast, the drone minimises losses. Drones are also ... own land. The purchased Belarusian drone with the prefix ‘agri’ ... the details, “A small drone, which we use to monitor ... complex А60-Х.” “This drone with a 20-litre tank ... of the agri drone. Conducting chemical treatment by drone is 2. ...

Belarus , drone , innovation , Mazolovogaz , agriculture , technology

Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar to build plant in Ukraine within one year

Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar plans to complete ... will be TB2 or TB3 drone model. In January 2024, the ...

Turkiye , Ukraine , drone

State Border Committee: Gomel border guards intercepted Ukrainian drone

... the Dnieper River, discovered a drone that illegally crossed the border ... . With the help of a drone, reconnaissance of Belarus’ border territory ... flight of the Ukrainian drone was stopped. The drone was forcibly put ...

Belarus , Ukraine , border , drone

AI-controlled drone decided to kill operator during tests in US

An Air Force drone controlled by artificial intelligence decided ... the test in which the drone was given the task of ...

ai , drone , usa

Russia developed drone for Wi-Fi distribution anywhere

... a prototype of a wired drone that can stay in the ... University students said that a drone for distributing Wi-Fi is ... . Thanks to its wires, the drone can stay in the air ... is attached to this wired drone, it then rises to a ... ‘distributing’ Wi-Fi. Since the drone is wired, it can work ...

russia , drone , Wi-Fi

Belarusian border guards detained another drone

... guards managed to detain the drone and its operators," the ... . Earlier, an incident with a drone took place in the Grodno ... refugees to look for a drone that had fallen on the ...

State Border Committee , poland , drone

Polish security forces ousted refugees to Belarus to search for a drone

... Poland if they find a drone with a Polish SIM card ... Belarusian border detachment discovered a drone. A group of refugees and ... a drone were taken to the border ... goods was attached to the drone, such an interest of the ...

Belarus , Poland , border , refugees , drone

Pantus: Belarus’ military-industrial complex to work on serial production of drones for law enforcement agencies

The military-industrial complex of Belarus is working on organising the serial production of drones for law enforcement agencies – as noted by Chairman of the State Authority for Military Industry Dmitry Pantus following a meeting with the President He recalled that at the end of last year, all types of unmanned aerial vehicles, including combat ones, which were developed and produced in Belarus, were demonstrated to the President at the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground. “Today, our work is ...

Belarus , Pantus , drone , State Authority for Military Industry

Belarus’ border guards intercepted Ukrainian drone

... 8th, Pinsk guards intercepted a drone heading from the Ukrainian side ... rifle to stop the Ukrainian drone’s further flight. According to ... card content confirms that the drone was launched from the territory ...

State Border Committee , drone , Ukraine

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