Posted: 31.01.2024 10:57:00

Opinion: farming being destructed in Europe to monopolise agriculture

Philosopher, publicist and political expert Aleksei Dzermant explained why farmers' strikes began in Europe and what the agricultural sector monopolisation can lead to

In his talk with Alfa Radio, Mr. Dzermant noted, “In Germany, for example, farmers and agriculture have a serious influence, but we see how the European Committee reacts to similar speeches in Poland and other countries: it is trying to force farmers to shut down production, give them some subsidies, buy up land and give it all to monopolies and large corporations. Their goal is to remove farmers, since monopolisation of agricultural production and destruction of small and medium-sized farmers are in full swing there.”

The expert explained what this trend could lead to, “Agriculture will be controlled by large corporations, and this will result in a decrease in product quality, since chemical additives will be widely used and genetically modified products will be introduced. Actually, such production is much easier and more profitable for corporations. The latter will not care about growing of, for example, environmentally friendly products. In Germany, this situation is not so largely spread, if to compare with the periphery: the pressure is being exerted on mainly farmers of Poland and the Baltic States. Nevertheless, this trend will reach the central European states sooner or later, and they will then lose the middle class and high-quality production.”