Posted: 26.03.2024 18:44:15

Lukashenko commented on weather and situation in agriculture after winter

During his working trip to the Grodno Region today, President Aleksandr Lukashenko has positively assessed the situation in the Belarusian agriculture after the winter

Among other issues, the Head of State touched upon the topic of upcoming fieldwork, “The winter season ended perfectly for us, nothing perished. I can hardly recall the time when fields were green already in March. Only the laziest one can be criticised today. The conditions are ideal. This has never happened in my life.”

However, the Head of State criticised the leadership of the region, since stones had not been removed in time on fields with winter crops, “I will seriously inspect your work regarding these stones. This is an outrage, a disgusting job. You sowed winter crops without taking stones away. How will you harvest? I did not expect to see such an outrage in the Grodno Region.”