Future wrapped in green

... member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The draft amendments ...

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Belarusian economy handles the pressure

... . Aleksandr Lukashenko recalled that the economic war against Belarus has been ... civilisation, without strengthening the political, economic and military ties, we may ...

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Historical parallels and economic pragmatism

... our co-operation in the economic sphere.” The President touched upon ... , but also because it makes economic sense. This pragmatism is characteristic ... . We are determined to promote economic co-operation. This is the ...

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Technology hits the gas

The key task is to develop a component base for an electric vehicle — that is what our mechanical engineers think about the development of Belarusian skill sets in the field of environmentally friendly transport and implemented projects The global fleet of electric vehicles, according to forecasts of the International Energy Agency, may grow to 145 million by 2030. Large automakers are already announcing the refusal to produce cars with internal combustion engines. Belarus has not stayed away ...

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Next level grain

... ,” says Vasilina Akhramovich, Director for Economics and Finance of the Belarusian ... provides us with a reasonable, economically justified level of profitability, further ...

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Plans for the future

... of co-operation and socio-economic development of the CIS countries ... hide the fact that Belarusian economic successes in the face of ...

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Technology is power

Expanding the range and sales markets, increasing labour productivity 4-fold: a new digital printing line is being tested at the Dobrush Porcelain Factory The Dobrush Porcelain Factory is actively testing new equipment. The Spanish digital printing machine was purchased for more than 300,000 Euros. It is planned to pay off the investment in two and a half years. Competition made the company dare to make such a purchase. Porcelain in Belarus is made only at the Dobrush factory, but imported ...

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Living and working in peace

... should not suffer from external economic pressure. High responsibility of ... in conditions of external economic pressure. Somehow it makes ... background and consequences of the economic aggression against Belarus, “The ... prevent deterioration of the main economic indicators and — most importantly ... under the conditions of external economic pressure, “Here the issue ... average monthly turnover in foreign economic transactions. More than $200 ... source of development and economic growth are internal resources ...

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Salary, work, and prices: priorities for the next year

... around the forecast for socio-economic development, budget and monetary policy ... , the country managed to maintain economic growth and prevent the transfer ... collective West and strengthen its economic security, the Republic of Belarus ... Union State programmes and strengthen economic integration with the Russian Federation ... , while building strong trade-economic ties with partners in the ...

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