Belarus’ First Deputy Foreign Minister on co-operation with Latin American countries: time to update agreements

... during an official visit to Venezuela “We have been present and ... that was between Belarus and Venezuela not so long ago. And ...

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Golovchenko arrived in Venezuela on official visit

Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko has arrived in Venezuela on an official visit, BelTA reports Photo: The Prime Minister will further pay official visits to Cuba and Nicaragua. "During these visits, I want to focus everyone at achieving practical results. It is necessary not only to implement all the projects that have already been prepared, but also to find growth points that will have to be worked on in the near future," Roman Golovchenko stressed.

golovchenko , Belarus , Venezuela

Colombia to grant legal status to 540,000 Venezuelan migrants

The Colombian Migration Agency announced that it would provide legal status for 540,000 Venezuelan migrants who are guardians of minors living in the country, Reuters reports photo: According to official statistics, more than 2.8 million Venezuelan migrants currently live in Colombia. The authorities believe that the decision to grant legal status ‘will benefit adults who take care of about 270 thousand minors who have a residence permit in the country’. “It’s a special ...

Colombia , Venezuela , migrants

Lukashenko sent Independence Day greetings to Venezuela

... activities, and the people of Venezuela a peaceful sky and prosperity.

Lukashenko , Venezuela , congratulation

Venezuela expects to join BRICS in 2024

... of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Ivan Gil Pinto, said his ... is underway to ensure that Venezuela is represented at all BRICS ... events. Also, according to him, Venezuela expects to formally join BRICS ...

BRICS , russia , China , india , Venezuela

Venezuela announced plans to join BRICS in 2024

Venezuela's Executive Vice President Delcy ... of the BRICS association, which Venezuela hopes to officially join this ... Executive Vice President added that Venezuela and China are being ‘threatened ...

Venezuela , china , BRICS

Venezuela said the United States threatens peace in Latin American region

... noted by Vladimir Padrino Lopez, Venezuela has already warned about the ... . The Defence Minister said that Venezuela strongly condemns the constant provocations ...

Venezuela , europe , usa

Venezuelan President criticised US military assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has condemned the ...

Maduro , Venezuela , Ukraine

Venezuela’s Ambassador to Belarus: work underway to restart projects important for our countries

The relations between Belarus and Venezuela continue to develop dynamically – as ... of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the Republic of Belarus ... past few years, Belarus and Venezuela have been experiencing certain pressure ... pressure. The goal of Belarus, Venezuela and a range of other ... other diplomatic missions. Belarus and Venezuela share fundamental principles, building their ...

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Lukashenko approved draft agreement with Venezuela on air transportation

On April 5th, President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 138, approving – as a basis for negotiations – a draft intergovernmental agreement between Belarus and Venezuela on air transportation, reports with reference to the Belarusian leader’s press service The Ministry of Transport and Communications has been authorised to conduct talks on the draft agreement and sign it.

Lukashenko , decree , Venezuela

Venezuela to set up High Commission of State against Fascism

Venezuela’s Executive Vice President Delcy ... the acts of violence that Venezuela experienced in 2014, 2015 and ...

Venezuela , Europe , fascism

Ecuador to expel thousands of imprisoned citizens of Colombia, Peru and Venezuela

... citizens of Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, while those 1,500 he ...

police , Ecuador , Colombia , prisoners , peru , Venezuela

Venezuelan President praised the results of talks over territorial dispute with Guyana

... Peace as a day of Venezuela’s triumph of truth before ... the Caribbean. The President of Venezuela assured that during the negotiations ... joint declaration following the talks, Venezuela and Guyana committed themselves to ...

Venezuela , Maduro , Guyana , territorial dispute

Belarus’ Ambassador Molchan said Venezuela needs all developments of our country

... Belarus has been formed in Venezuela – as stated by Ambassador of ... Belarus to Venezuela Andrei Molchan in his talk ... came to the understanding that Venezuela needs almost all the developments ... , let’s just say that Venezuela’s northern neighbours were not ... imposed against the government of Venezuela, against state-owned enterprises and ... .” Andrei Molchan also added that Venezuela has enormous potential across all ...

Belarus , Venezuela , Ambassador , Molchan , co-operation

FAO Council members urge US and EU to immediately lift sanctions on food and fertilisers

... United Nations), Belarus, China, Cuba, Venezuela and other states again called ...

FAO , sanctions , Belarus , China , Cuba , Venezuela , US , EU , UN

Belarus, Venezuela signed package of documents, including memoranda, roadmap and air transportation agreement

Following the meeting of the Belarusian-Venezuelan joint commission on trade and economic co-operation held in Minsk, a number of documents have been signed: in particular, the final minutes of the meeting and the memorandum of understanding on the creation of a working group for strategic planning of the Belarusian-Venezuelan joint commission Photo: Memoranda of understanding on interdepartmental co-operation in the field of geography, geomatics and spatial analysis, maritime ...

Belarus , Venezuela , co-operation

Belarus, Venezuela to reset economic relations, covering joint production, petrochemicals, logistics

... major goal of Belarus and Venezuela is to restore the previous ... extensive interaction between Belarus and Venezuela, which was launched during the ... to the Vice President of Venezuela, the parties focused their attention ... supplies and subsequent assembly in Venezuela is concerned, which was discussed ...

Venezuela , Belarus , co-operation

Vice President of Venezuela: Belarus, Venezuela are architects of new world

Belarus and Venezuela are the architects of a ... Planning, Minister of Planning of Venezuela, Ricardo Jose Menendez Prieto, during ... future.” The Vice President of Venezuela recalled that the current leader ... an important point, “Belarus and Venezuela are the architects of a ...

Belarus , Venezuela

Lukashenko: Belarus one of the countries that respect Venezuela’s courage and resilience

Venezuela today enjoys the greatest respect ... Planning, Minister of Planning of Venezuela, Ricardo Jose Menendez Prieto The ... to almost everyone and survived. Venezuela today enjoys the greatest respect ... current generation of politicians in Venezuela – have throughout the world. We ...

Lukashenko , Venezuela

Lukashenko: Belarus ready for most intensive co-operation with Venezuela

... most intensive co-operation with Venezuela – as noted by President Aleksandr ... and Minister for Planning of Venezuela, Ricardo Jose Menendez Prieto photo ... the fault of Belarus and Venezuela that there has been a ... most intensive co-operation with Venezuela. You are aware of our ... of the Vice President of Venezuela, the parties will determine what ... . Nicolas Maduro, the President of Venezuela, was present and actively participated ... planned is in demand for Venezuela… Therefore, I think we need ...

Lukashenko , Venezuela

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