Lukashenko: joining forces with Venezuela will enable us to efficiently counteract West’s destructive policy

... to continue strengthening friendship with Venezuela through the expansion of political ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , Venezuela

Belarus’ business potential presented to Venezuela

... , met with the President of Venezuela’s Foreign Trade Bank, Guillermo ...

belarus , venezuela

Belarus, Venezuela discussed co-operation in overcoming Western sanctions

... economic liaisons between Belarus and Venezuela, as well as interaction in ...

belarus , venezuela , foreign ministry

Andreichenko: Venezuela is Belarus’ key partner in Latin America

... of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Belarus, Franklin Ramirez ... , economic, and humanitarian ties. Venezuela is a key, promising partner ... the presidents of Belarus and Venezuela appointed their special representatives, ... proposed directions for further Belarus-Venezuela liaisons. “I am happy ... the National Assembly of Venezuela with a proposal to ... parliamentary dialogue between Belarus and Venezuela. After all, relations between ... will further be sent to Venezuela through personal diplomatic channels. ...

andreichenko , venezuela , Co-operation

Belarus, Venezuela agreed on forthcoming joint events

... and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Venezuela, Andrei Molchan, met with Venezuelan ... Belarusian diplomatic mission in Venezuela Photo: As ...

belarus , venezuela

Venezuela says anti-Russian sanctions hit fertiliser supplies

... South America – as stated by Venezuela’s National Assembly deputy Julio ... ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela – said. According to him, some ...

russia , venezuela , fertilisers

Belarus, Venezuela intend to intensify activities of joint ventures

... Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Andrei Molchan, met with Venezuela’s Vice President ... December 2006, the Embassy of Venezuela in Belarus was opened and ... , the Embassy of Belarus in Venezuela began its work.

belarus , venezuela , Co-operation

Belarus, Venezuela to establish mutual air transportation and trade

... service The delegation – headed by Venezuela’s Deputy Minister of Air ... of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the Republic of Belarus ... passenger and cargo flights between Venezuela and Belarus were discussed at ... which is the flagship of Venezuela's civil aviation and the ... and Belarusian hospitality. Belarus and Venezuela are separated by 12,000km ... and, accordingly, Belarusian goods to Venezuela, and also strengthening of our ... third countries. We know that Venezuela – like Belarus – seriously faces ...

venezuela , Belarus

Lukashenko congratulated Maduro on 25th anniversary of establishment of Belarus-Venezuela relations

... President of Belarus has congratulated Venezuela’s Head of State, Nicolas ... a meeting of the Belarus-Venezuela high-level commission held in ...

lukashenko , maduro , venezuela

Belarus — Venezuela: reboot

... of the former President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez]. It’s ... said frankly that both Venezuela and Belarus are not ... Moreover, everything that is in Venezuela is needed by Belarus. What ... in Belarus is needed in Venezuela.” PHOTO BY BELTA Aleksandr ... his meeting with President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, “We need ... existing joint projects in Venezuela and outline new areas ... mutual interest. Belarus and Venezuela are separated by an ocean ... Envoy of the President of Venezuela, Adan Chavez Frias, Aleksandr ...

Lukashenko , Chavez , Belarus , Venezuela

Belarus, Venezuela discuss industrial co-operation

... to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Andrei Molchan, met with the ... Industries and National Production of Venezuela for Basic Industry, Pedro Maldonado ...

venezuela , industry

Lukashenko instructed to prepare a meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

... and to significantly exceed it. Venezuela has everything we need. We ... have everything Venezuela needs. What is holding us ...

head of state , venezuela

Lukashenko: intensive relations between Belarus and Venezuela should be resumed

... Envoy and the Ambassador of Venezuela to Cuba, Adan Chavez Frias ... about the sanctions imposed against Venezuela and Belarus. We have a ...

Lukashenko , venezuela

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