Posted: 18.04.2024 09:48:00

Venezuela’s Ambassador to Belarus: work underway to restart projects important for our countries

The relations between Belarus and Venezuela continue to develop dynamically – as stated by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the Republic of Belarus, Franklin Ramirez Araque, reports

“The global geopolitical situation has drastically changed over the past two decades. Of course, the reality in our countries has also changed. In the course of the past few years, Belarus and Venezuela have been experiencing certain pressure from the collective West aimed at changing the political system in the country. Since their plans failed to be implemented at the political level, they shifted to economic pressure. The goal of Belarus, Venezuela and a range of other countries that are in the same circumstances is to overcome the consequences of these measures. In this regard, the role of the leader of a nation is crucial. We clearly see how President Aleksandr Lukashenko and President Nicolas Maduro are systematically working to overcome the current situation,” the diplomat underlined.

He noted there are important bilateral projects that are currently being restarted, “Based on the results of the joint Belarusian-Venezuelan commission, certain agreements were reached, and active work is now underway in sectoral commissions to implement them. This applies to projects in industry, agriculture, and science. High-level meetings are organised, and we try to maintain the closest possible contacts with various institutions of Belarus and other diplomatic missions. Belarus and Venezuela share fundamental principles, building their relations on mutual respect while strengthening and developing the strong points of their economies. Undoubtedly, we will win.”