Posted: 15.01.2024 14:34:00

Ecuador to expel thousands of imprisoned citizens of Colombia, Peru and Venezuela

The Ecuadorian Government is planning to deport foreigners who have long prison sentences, and these are mostly Colombians, Peruvians and Venezuelans – as stated by President Daniel Noboa, RIA Novosti reports


The Ecuadorian leader announced information about the upcoming deportation in an interview with Canela radio station. “In line with the law of Ecuador and international agreements, we can expel 1,500 prisoners, leave them at the border – so they can stay there,” he said.

According to Mr. Noboa, over 90 percent of foreigners imprisoned in Ecuador are citizens of Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, while those 1,500 he mentioned are Colombians who have been sentenced to prison terms of more than five years. They are primarily subject to expulsion from the country.

The Colombian Government confirmed Ecuador's plans to deport prisoners with its citizenship of this country: Justice Minister Nestor Osuna explained that he had discussed the issue with the foreign ministers of Ecuador and Colombia. However, according to Mr. Osuna, ‘there will be no mass deportation’, since local laws require that each specific case be considered individually.