Croatia likely to face surge in tourism after joining the EU

On January 1st, Croatia became the 20th member of ... added that GDP growth in Croatia is expected to reach 6 ... st , 2023, the Euro is Croatia’s main currency.

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President of Croatia revealed US’ true purpose in Ukraine

... of America?” the President of Croatia said. Zoran Milanovic previously opposed ...

croatia , milanovic , russia , Ukraine , USA

Morawiecki said Poland won’t follow Croatia to introduce Euro

... does not intend to follow Croatia in the current conditions and ... Polish government recalled that recently Croatia joined the Euro zone. “And ... what is happening now in Croatia? They are experiencing a price ... that after the entry of Croatia into the Euro zone, voices ...

Poland , Morawiecki , Croatia , Euro

Croatian President considers EU current leadership the most incompetent in history

... response to the state of Croatia,” Milanović told reporters. In his ... lobbied’. Milanović also commented on Croatia’s accession to the Schengen ... the EU and Borrell, now Croatia has entered the Schengen zone ... , now all thieves can enter Croatia without supervision and border control.”

Croatia , EU

EU approves Croatia’s joining Schengen area

... officially approved the accession of Croatia to the Schengen area – as ... According to him, Croatia will join the Schengen zone ... from January 1st. “Croatia received the unanimous support of ... readiness of Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia to join the Schengen area ...

EU , Croatia , Romania , Bulgaria , Schengen area

Croatia lost half of its crop due to drought

... destroyed out 50 percent of Croatia’s future crops, with maize ... Agricultural producers of Croatia have met with Prime Minister ...

Croatia , agriculture , drought , harvest

Lukashenko congratulated Croatians on Statehood Day

... , has congratulated the people of Croatia on Statehood Day – as reported ... the peoples of Belarus and Croatia – who are celebrating the 30th ... Lukashenko wished the people of Croatia peace, harmony and prosperity.

lukashenko , croatia

Croatian President intends to block the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO

... President of the country representing Croatia at the NATO summit, will ...

croatia , nato , finland , Sweden

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