Security of the environment and life

Climate change, pollution of natural resources ... community to the problems of climate change is used as a ... matter. NATO takes on the climate? Speaking at the NATO Public ... General Jens Stoltenberg said that climate change is multiplying crises and ... security implications of climate change’. According to him, climate change is the ... a few years ago the climate agenda was artificially updated, and ...

national security , environment , Climate , pollution

Climate change could cost Germany €900bn by 2050, study finds

Weather damage caused by climate change could cost Germany up ... Berlin is working on a climate change adaptation strategy to be ... percent to 80 percent through climate adaptation measures. However, the study ... by the consequences of the climate crisis, and €80bn since 2018 ...

germany , climate

UN Secretary General: world is in state of storm

... . Guterres also touched upon the climate agenda, noting that the limitation ...

un , climate , economy , crisis

Venezuelan President faults capitalism for causing climate change

... the world’s cities face climate hazards in one way or ...

Venezuela , Maduro , climate

Belarus participating in global climate change meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh

... the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change which is held in ...

climate , ministry of natural resources and environmental protection , egypt , belarus

US scientists suggest re-freezing Earth’s poles

American scientists from Yale Research University have listed measures that will help fight global warming, including a proposal to freeze the Earth’s poles with sulphur dioxide, reports Photo: Readers may wonder how a whole pole can be frozen. Scientists explain that high-flying jets would spray microscopic aerosol particles into the atmosphere at latitudes of 60 degrees north and south. Experts believe that the wind will facilitate the further spread of sulphur dioxide ...

Antarctic , science , climate

Over past 40 years, winter snow cover in mountain areas decreased by 11.5% worldwide

Italian climatologists have found that the typical snow cover area in the mountains has decreased by 11.5 percent during winter and decreased by 3.6 percent overall compared to 1982 – as noted by the Eurac Research Centre’s press service, TASS reports “Our measurements confirmed what previous assessments of colleagues indicated. Snow cover on mountains around the world, with a few minor exceptions, continues to decline rapidly. As a result, the period of snow cover in mountain areas around the ...

Climate , scientists

Global drought damage made $13.2bn in H1 2022

From January-June 2022, a global damage caused by drought amounted to at least $13.2bn, TASS reports Photo: According to the Nikkei economic newspaper – which, in turn, refers to the Aon international insurance company, the EU countries have faced the worst drought in the last half century. It is registered in the west of the US, Pakistan and China. In China, due to the shallowing of rivers, electricity production at some hydroelectric power plants has decreased by almost 40 ...

environment , europe , climate

Global warming is strongest in last 200 thousand years

... to confuse weather fluctuations and climate change. He also noted that ... should not be explained by climate change. So, a cold winter ... winter does not necessarily mean climate change. “We still have the ... fluctuations along with the ongoing climate change,” he concluded.

UN , climate

World dystopia

... the planet. Scenario No. 4. Climate and geophysical weapons The fourth ... caused by the use of climate weapons. According to the experts ... to the active use of climate and geo-weapons against their ...

world , forecasts , Global war , System failure , Crises , defaults , Climate , geophysical weapons , control

Eurasian system of environmental and climate regulation for EAEU

... Eurasian system of environmental and climate regulation – as announced by the ... right regarding the co-ordinated climate policy: in particular, to create ... Eurasian system of environmental and climate regulation, and also to implement ... in mutual trade motivated by climate goals,” Ms. Malkina said. The ... regime, with an emphasis on climate and adaptation projects. Secondly, in ... participation in formation of global climate rules. Importantly, the benefits of ...

EAEU , climate

Slepnev: EAEU summit in Minsk to focus on climate agenda

A statement on the climate agenda is supposed to be ... is a statement on the climate agenda. Let's wait till ...

eaeu , climate

Breath of global warming in Belarus

... stay away from the global climate processes. Every year makes its ... , the country has been facing climate changes since the late 1980s ...

weather , climate , global warming

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