Posted: 01.12.2023 17:49:00

Lukashenko spoke harshly at Dubai summit about conflicts, wars and their initiators

At the World Summit on Climate Change in Dubai, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, spoke harshly about conflicts and wars, as well as their initiators, BelTA reports


“All the speakers, especially those who spoke here first, worried about where to get the money. Come on! Even the journalists sitting here will tell you where to get the money. To answer this question, it’s necessary to look at recent history. For example, according to estimates, $1.5-2 trillion was spent to destroy Iraq and Afghanistan and bring ‘good’ for the people of these countries. Iraq and Afghanistan cost the aggressor about $2 trillion. Now count how much money was spent to protect these countries. Count how many people died. This can’t be estimated in US Dollar terms. Today there is a war in Ukraine, and this is no longer $1.5-2 trillion. It will already cost $5 trillion if it is possible to agree on peace in the near future,” the President said.

“Why is there no peace in this part of the planet today? Because those speakers, who spoke first, talk about peace, talk about keeping the planet clean, about taking care of their grandchildren, yet at the same time they have unleashed and are waging the most terrible war on the planet,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted. “How much would a massacre in the Middle East cost? What if it breaks out in the Pacific Ocean? It will cost trillions and trillions of US Dollars. Let’s spend this money on cleaning the planet, avoiding the need to look for this money everywhere.”

“We have gathered here to once again express our concerns. Those – who spoke here first, who are concerned about their grandchildren – are those who are fighting these wars. Wars are terrible pollution of the planet. Let’s stop this. Therefore, the most important thing is that we need to learn to say less and act more. I understand: if we adopt some kind of declaration or memorandum, as we always do, we are unlikely to achieve anything. As the speakers said here, 80 percent of the Earth’s pollution comes from the 20 leading states. Let’s not write down concerns in the declaration, Mr. Chairman, but demand that they reduce emissions into the atmosphere by at least half. We won’t do this. Then why have we gathered here? This is money, real money: $10 trillion that we can spend on cleaning our planet by stopping wars,” said the Belarusian leader.