Information about death of 300 people in Mariupol theatre is fake

Rumours that three hundred people allegedly died as a result of an explosion at the Mariupol Drama Theatre turned out to be false: law enforcement officers found the remains of 14 dead there, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.ria.ru The Head of the Investigative Department of the DPR Prosecutor General's Office, Aleksei Kutsurubenko, said that all ruins have been cleared at the site by now, and the underground accommodation has been investigated. The remains of 14 bodies have been found – and no ...

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Distortion of historical truth used as weapons by some states

... threats Photo: www.belta.by Fake news creators often aim not only ...

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No empire will use lies to show its strength

... its information war, “This way [fake news] enables them to justify the ... : institutions are working to create fake news but – by doing so – they ...

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Information attacks on Belarus continue

... being attacked with false information, fake news about the allegedly launched mobilisation ...

belarus , ukraine , fake news

NYT article on Ryanair plane landing in Minsk is fake

... , it is clear that this fake news is being distributed in the ...

Ryanair , plane , fake news

Фирменное выражение Трампа признали словосочетанием года

... Dictionary объявили словом-2017 словосочетание «fake news». « Их высмеивает лидер свободного ... сайте словаря. Collins дает определение «fake news» как «ложной, зачастую сенсационной информации ... 2016 года, указывает Collins, словосочетания «fake news» стало популярнее на 365%. BREAKING ... of the Year 2017 is... FAKE NEWS https://t.co/zPFXYBvXzb #CollinsWOTY ... г. До недавнего времени понятие «fake news» ассоциировались в первую очередь с ... Трампа признали словосочетанием года fake news, слово года

fake news , слово года

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