Specialist explains the advantage of Belarus’ inactivated anti-COVID vaccine over vector one

... a thing of the past, COVID is not going anywhere, with ... analogue of the Chinese anti-COVID vaccine. What is its advantage ...

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‘Disease X’, 20 times deadlier than COVID, to be discussed in Switzerland

At the World Economic Forum (WEF), is held in the Swiss city of Davos from January 15th-19th, 2024, it is planned to discuss ‘disease X’, which can be 20 times deadlier than the coronavirus pandemic, RIA Novosti reports photo: The WHO has reportedly warned of an unknown ‘disease X’ that could cause more deaths than the coronavirus pandemic. The World Economic Forum will discuss the efforts needed to prepare health systems for the many challenges ahead. It is noted that WHO ...

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BelVitunipharm preparing to launch production of COVID vaccine adapted to Belarusians’ genotype

... production of a vaccine against COVID-19 and import substitution of ... first pilot production of anti-COVID vaccine will open here. According ... vaccine for the prevention of COVID infection, but also, if necessary ...

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Belarus, Cuba discussed circulation of medicines

... of Soberana and Soberana Plus COVID vaccines in Belarus. The drugs ...

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Lukashenko: coronavirus remains a real threat to all countries

... past year, the situation with COVID-19 and work of the ... increased attention. “The fact that COVID, Dmitry Leonidovich [Healthcare Minister Dmitry ... the government at these anti-COVID events. If you fail to ...

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Enough COVID-19 vaccines in the country to protect all citizens

The country has enough COVID-19 vaccines to protect all ... added that, to effectively combat COVID-19, it is necessary to ...

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Coronavirus in the crosshairs

... for a new wave of COVID-19 and autumn epidemic season ... for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the Brest and ... since the onset of the COVID pandemic. However, the structure of ...

covid , healthcare , kochanova

Economic stability in the context of COVID-19

... in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic – as announced by ... ensure economic stability under the Covid-19 conditions – taking into account ...

Eurasian Economic Commission , COVID

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