Posted: 19.10.2021 11:14:48

Lukashenko: coronavirus remains a real threat to all countries

The President has stated this today at a meeting on the epidemiological situation and the measures taken to counter the spread of coronavirus infection

Aleksandr Lukashenko drew attention of those in attendance to the fact that, over the past year, the situation with COVID-19 and work of the healthcare system in conditions of the coronavirus pandemic have been repeatedly discussed in various formats. The topic remains relevant and the Head of State stressed, “Objectively speaking, contrary to hopes of the multibillion population of our planet, as well as forecasts of the so-called world science, the coronavirus – with its mutations and new strains – remains a real threat to all countries.”

The President noted that a coronavirus vaccine developed during the first Wuhan strain is now being used. Later, South African, British strains joined and the Indian Delta is now spreading. Aleksandr Lukashenko asked a logical question, “Experts say this is a mutating virus and a vaccine should be adapted to it. Have we adapted so much in a year and a half? How effective is that Wuhan vaccine against the Indian Delta virus? This is very important.”

The problem requires increased attention. “The fact that COVID, Dmitry Leonidovich [Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich], is objectively one step ahead of our science, and possibly practice, is recognised by you as well. We and scientists are catching up with it. Practitioners have also made a progress in this plague time. The virus has become more aggressive, and there are more serious cases now – including among young people. This is a trend,” the President stressed.

The Head of State strongly recommended to take a closer look at what is happening in the neighbouring countries, “The whole enlightened Europe closed the mouth; there’s no information. It's all good. However, there’s a disaster there. Take Latvia. The situation there is 100 times worse than in Belarus. However, there’s silence of this. Do you remember a wail in the United States during the first wave? What do we see now? Are they doing well? Who knows how things are going in the United States at the moment? They have become wiser. Meanwhile, our protesters are all time being stimulated with money and other things – being inspired to pressure Belarus and overthrow the government at these anti-COVID events. If you fail to see this, then listen to what I'm telling you.”