Posted: 04.10.2021 17:39:00

Enough COVID-19 vaccines in the country to protect all citizens

The country has enough COVID-19 vaccines to protect all its citizens and the process of combating coronavirus infection is well organised countrywide – as informed by the Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, during his visit to the Minsk City Children's Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital 

“We asked our patients and many said that they had planned to get vaccinated but failed to do this in time. Therefore, I’d like to once again urge all citizens of our country to actively get vaccinated – to save themselves, their relatives, friends and colleagues. The vaccine will help your organisms resist the virus,” Mr. Petrishenko said.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, there are now enough vaccines in the country for all its citizens, “We are approaching a 25 percent share of those who’ve been vaccinated. We are actively working with students and, over the past week, thanks to our joint efforts, 250,000 more people got vaccinated. I think we’ll gain pace.”

Mr. Petrishenko added that, to effectively combat COVID-19, it is necessary to develop collective immunity: to vaccinate at least 70-75 percent of the population, involving as many adults as possible. “We’ll then see how the virus behaves in relation to children. If the vaccines that are currently being worked on are allowed to vaccinate children, then we – like other countries – will move along this path. Belarusian specialists are also actively working on a national vaccine and I guess we’ll start producing it on time.”

The official also informed that the domestic healthcare system is provided with necessary medicines and oxygen. Specialists continue working over the measures to minimise the consequences of infection.