BelAZ produced and sold 963 mining dump trucks in 2023

... Director General of BELAZ JSC – Management Company of BELAZ-HOLDING, reported on ... a crisis situation developed at BelAZ after unjustified economic sanctions had ... even took risks together with BelAZ while it was experiencing uncertainty ...


BELAZ presented 90-tonne dump truck in Belarusian national style in honour of Victory Day

BELAZ has presented its 90-tonne ... 's Telegram channel Photo by BELAZ Telegram channel The presentation took ... Director General of BELAZ JSC – Management Company of BELAZ-HOLDING, noted, “The ... part of the large-scale BELAZ – Belarus’ Brand industrial tourism development ... come to get acquainted with BELAZ machinery will be able to ...

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BELAZ dump truck set all-Russian record for transporting rock mass

... mass on a BELAZ-75306 dump truck, the BELAZ media centre reported ... gifts and awards from the BELAZ Trading House, the general distributor ... of BELAZ JSC in Russia, and the ... BELAZ-24, the official representative of ... 6 coal mines. BELAZ JSC – Management Company of BELAZ-HOLDING specialises in ...

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Expert on BELAZ JSC novelties: future of mining equipment lies in new technologies

... to alternative energy sources, which BELAZ JSC is presenting today in ... the way, we have 180 BELAZ dump trucks. All of them ... course and co-operate with BELAZ,” Aleksandr Stalev emphasised. The Electrification ... than 160 key partners of BELAZ from the CIS and Asia ...

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BELAZ welcomed 250,000th tourist: a Russian schoolchild

... thousandth tourist was welcomed at BELAZ in early April 2024, ... media centre reported photo: “BELAZ, being recognised as the ... of the anniversary visitor of BELAZ,” the company informed. Timofei ... that the implementation of the BELAZ – Brand of Belarus industrial ... 700 excursions were conducted. “Today BELAZ continues to actively develop the ... of the visit through the BELAZ excursion call centre,” the ... company added. BELAZ JSC – Management Company of BELAZ-HOLDING specialises in ...

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Welcome to the workshop

... Linen Mill Anton Stepanishchev Zhodino, BELAZ YEGOR YERMALITSKIY Enterprises have come ... of unique offers Thus, at BELAZ [global manufacturer of mining dump ...

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Powerful forward movement

... for Quality System Management at BELAZ JSC. Sergei Rymkevich, Mechanical ... assembler at BELAZ Ilya Shvedko The key to ... and is actively applied at BELAZ. The Production Part Approval ... Striving for technological sovereignty allows BELAZ to maintain the integrity of ... combination with accumulator batteries. BELAZ–7555A with payload capacity of ... deserves a separate mention. — BELAZ is actively re-equipping its ... investment project ‘Modernisation of BELAZ JSC Production for 2020–2025 ...

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New BELAZ CEO on Western sanctions, holding’s plans and new promising technique

Despite sanctions, BELAZ continues to operate successfully, implementing ... Director General of BELAZ JSC – Management Company of BELAZ-HOLDING photo: www ... The new manager recalled that BELAZ has been under sanctions since ... , only Western equipment or Belarusian BELAZ will be presented. The company ... ,” underlined the new CEO of BELAZ. Answering the question about how ...

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Lukashenko to new BELAZ CEO: never forget of quality

... – Technical Director of BELAZ JSC – Management Company of BELAZ-HOLDING, for the ...

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1.5 times more industrial tourists visited BELAZ over the year

... number of industrial tourists visiting BELAZ JSC increased to 51,595 ... cent more than in 2022), BELAZ reports in its Telegram channel ... . Photo: BELAZ Telegram channel “In total, for ... since the start of the BELAZ – Brand of Belarus project, more ... the cabin of a real BELAZ dump truck. So, last year ... ,” the company summed up. Photo: BELAZ Telegram channel By the way ... time of the visit. Photo: BELAZ Telegram channel Photo: BELAZ Telegram channel

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BELAZ and Santa joined top-50 foreign companies in Russia

BELAZ and Santa are on the ... rating by its subsidiary company BELAZ Trading House, which is ranked ... ) last year. Over the year, BELAZ increased its revenue in Russia ... on the Russian market as BELAZ. Next to these companies in ...

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BELAZ produced two import-independent dump trucks

... Development and Corporate Governance at BELAZ, has commented on the company ... Mr. Grachev, the 130-tonne BELAZ-7513M dump truck has a ... been developed by order of BELAZ designers. The dump truck is ...

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Power of intellect

... Governance of OJSC BELAZ — Management Company of BELAZ-HOLDING, spoke about ... substitution — The management of BELAZ has repeatedly noted that the ... mean by these concepts? — BELAZ is developing dynamically today. We ... about the intellectual direction of BELAZ development. What products do ... programme is installed on BELAZ mining dump trucks immediately ... huge potential for development. BELAZ specialists are constantly working on ... with the developments of BELAZ — Indeed, BELAZ worked effectively in the ...

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BelAZ to introduce 40+ units of latest equipment in 2023

This year, BelAZ will introduce 45 units of ... website It is reported that BelAZ is actively investing in the ... a third,” the company noted. BelAZ called the reconstruction of the ... on the plant’s website, BelAZ has introduced 14 units of ... with an investment of Br415m, BelAZ plans to purchase and upgrade ...

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Since early 2023, BELAZ dump trucks were supplied to Ural and Siberia enterprises

... to expand their fleets of BELAZ mining dump trucks by implementing ... mining dump truck of the BELAZ-7531 series with a payload ... , the official Telegram channel of BELAZ reports. More than a dozen ... 240-tonne BELAZ trucks are already transporting rock ... mined, two new 90-tonne BELAZ-75589 trucks have already been ... notes that the use of BELAZ mining dump trucks with a ... expected to receive two more BELAZ trucks with a carrying capacity ...

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BELAZ demonstrating its latest developments for airport ground handling at Moscow forum

Trade House BELAZ and its official dealer Avtotechinmash ... the promising model range of BELAZ equipment for airport maintenance. Every ... solutions for airports and airlines. BELAZ annually demonstrates at its stand ...

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BelAZ supplied six 220-tonne dump trucks to Kuzbass

Six heavy-duty dump trucks BELAZ-75306 with a carrying capacity ... the formation of crew for BelAZ vehicles, the core of which ...

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Giants on a confident march

BELAZ to deliver a record number ... ceremony of a 90-tonne BELAZ vehicle in the permanent exhibition ... VDNKh in Moscow, “This year BELAZ will sell about 900 vehicles ... . For certain models of the BELAZ line, they simply cannot even ... of quarries. Dmitry Krutoi added, “BELAZ’s strategy now is to ... problem. But in order for BELAZ to successfully compete in the ... Belarusian automobile engineering company OAO BELAZ Sergei Nikiforovich spoke about what ...

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BelAZ to deliver record number of dump trucks to Russia by late 2022

... deliver a record number of BelAZ dump trucks to Russia this ... , while presenting a 90-tonne BelAZ vehicle at VDNH permanent exhibition ... in Moscow “This year, BelAZ will sell about 900 cars ... coal, diamond and other mines. “BelAZ strategy aims to partially replace ... critical problem now. However, for BelAZ to successfully compete in the ... turn, the General Director of BelAZ JSC, Sergei Nikiforovich, informed about ...

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BelAZ machinery enjoys demand in Iran

BelAZ has been visited by an ... the plant’s Telegram channel BelAZ top managers and representatives of ... partnership. “Over the recent decade, BelAZ machinery has been enjoying a ... more quarry dump trucks – choosing BelAZ for this purpose," Seyed ... . The delegation participants visited the BelAZ production workshops and an exhibition ... -tonne battery electric dump truck BELAZ-7558E. Photos by BelAZ press service

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