Posted: 18.04.2023 16:02:00

BELAZ produced two import-independent dump trucks

Aleksei Grachev, the Deputy General Director for Strategic Development and Corporate Governance at BELAZ, has commented on the company’s new vehicles during his recent meeting with the Union State media representatives

According to Mr. Grachev, the 130-tonne BELAZ-7513M dump truck has a hybrid operation scheme and is equipped with a low-power YaMZ diesel generator, as well as accumulator batteries. The vehicle was presented last year. “Today the truck is ready for sale,” he said.

Also, together with partners from Russia, a 220-tonne dump truck with an engine of the Kolomna Plant has been developed by order of BELAZ designers. The dump truck is being tested at the moment.

As noted by Mr. Grachev, both vehicles have a common feature: they are import-independent products, which almost entirely consist of Belarusian and Russian components.