Lukashenko: if people in Belarus had worked like those in China, we’d have been several times richer

... Federation of Trade Unions Yuri Senko photo: ... in April this year, Yuri Senko worked as Belarus’ Ambassador to ... I gained in China,” Mr. Senko thanked the President. “Three years ... to fulfil my tasks,” Mr. Senko responded. He reported that the ...

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Belarus’ Federation of Trade Unions new Chairman revealed its upcoming tasks

... Unions of Belarus (FTUB), Yuri Senko, at the end of its ... Belarusian People’s Congress, Yuri Senko stressed, “All the specialists have ... national trade union centre, Yuri Senko noted, “The Federation of Trade ... activities for young people,” Yuri Senko stated. “The second task is ... high production results,” Yuri Senko added. Mr. Senko called the need for ...

Federation of trade unions , Senko

Senko at meeting with Kochanova noted high level of Belarus-China trade-economic co-operation

... ’s Republic of China Yuri Senko after his working meeting with ... more,” the diplomat stated. Yuri Senko also noted the high level ...

Belarus , China , co-operation , Senko , Kochanova

Senko discussed Belarus' admission to SCO with its Secretary General

Yuri Senko, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ... -operation between Belarus and the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation, also exchanging ...

senko , SCO

Belarusian cuisine restaurant opened in Beijing

... of Belarus to China, Yuri Senko, who emphasised the symbolism of ...

belarus , china , cuisine , senko

Ambassador: Chinese consumers know Belarusian products well

... of Belarus to China, Yuri Senko, voiced some figures while discussing ...

china , belarus , senko

Ambassador: Belarusian education highly valued in China

... 's Republic of China, Yuri Senko, in his talk with the ...

china , education , senko

Belarus mastering Chinese e-platforms for trade

... 's Republic of China, Yuri Senko, explained how Belarus is mastering ... visited our site," Mr. Senko informed. "Over the past ... to work with China. Mr. Senko stressed that China is second ...

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