Posted: 19.06.2024 14:29:00

Lukashenko: if people in Belarus had worked like those in China, we’d have been several times richer

If Belarus had done the amount of work that is done in China, we would have been several times richer – as noted by President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko, receiving a report from Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Yuri Senko


Prior to being elected Chairman of the Federation of Trade Union in April this year, Yuri Senko worked as Belarus’ Ambassador to China for several years, and even earlier he headed the State Customs Committee.

“Thank you very much for the unique experience I gained in China,” Mr. Senko thanked the President. “Three years spent there have definitely leave their mark; I’ve visited 30 out of 32 provinces. People everywhere in China know, hear and understand us, appreciating our friendship and our relationships. I’m convinced this strong friendship will last for a long time and will give its results.”

“I want you to understand: among other things, we will invite you as an expert, a participant in some processes related not only to China, but also to those taking place in the State Customs Committee. You have worked there for a long time, and we will always need your fresh, independent, alternative view in one aspect or another,” the President underlined.

“I’m always ready to fulfil my tasks,” Mr. Senko responded.

He reported that the national professional centre – which includes 15 branch trade unions – had succeeded as an association. In total, 24,000 primary trade union organisations have been set up in Belarus, about 18,000 collective agreements have been concluded, which clearly stipulate the norms defining the relationships between employers and employees, including those that are not enshrined in legislation today.

“Your Chinese experience is very important to me in this regard,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “Sometimes trade unions are cut off from real life, making unnecessary claims… I always support workers, but in order to demand something, it’s necessary to work hard. You’ve seen how the Chinese work. Of course, our people don’t work that way and probably won’t. However, if we had been close to the work and the volumes that the Chinese do, I think we would have been several times richer. Therefore, this experience is very important for the trade union leader himself.”