Distinctive mission

... of key sectors of the economy of Russian regions. A striking ...

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Linked together

Yarn for further processing into fabric and for hand-knitting, sewing and reinforced threads were extended from the Belarusian manufacturer Gronitex JSC to domestic and foreign partners. So the catchphrase about the threads that bind destinies is used at the factory not only in a figurative, but in the most direct sense. One of the country’s leading textile enterprises has long been an import-substituting one, and under the current conditions, it is also export-oriented. We talk about work under ...

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Belarus’ Finance Minister: we’ll bring Western infrastructure back to senses

Belarus’ Finance Minister Yuri Seliverstov commented on possible attempts by the West to default on Eurobonds to the Republic of Belarus by analogy with the Russian Federation. According to him, this will only confirm their intentions to consciously artificially exploit the default, which cannot be a priori. “If the task is to take measures that will artificially provoke a technical default, then they are trying to do it. Meanwhile, everyone should understand that a default is when a country ...

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Belarus extends food embargo on goods from Western countries until late 2022

Belarus has extended food embargo on goods coming from Western countries until the end of this year – as envisaged by Resolution No. 412 of the Council of Ministers as of June 27th, 2022, posted on the National Legal Internet Portal In line with the document, from June 30 th to December 31 st , 2022, inclusively, the validity of paragraphs 1 and 3-5 of Government’s Decree No. 700 as of December 6, 2021 On Application of Special Measures Against Certain Types of Goods – which regulates ...

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WB said when global inflation will reach its peak

... above inflation targets in many economies. The reason is global supply ... current situation in the global economy with that in the 1970s ...

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Sanctions policy against Belarus is not constructive economic tool

... to form a closed-loop economy. The production cycle is formed ...

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Three-stage system of anti-sanctions

... for the country and the economy after the pandemic. Nikolai Snopkov ... to the fact that the economy showed a steady growth of ... stability and balance of the economy, and achieve a record foreign ... 20 percent of the Belarusian economy and indirectly spread to the ... of unfriendly actions on the economy is growing. Thus, starting from ... sanctions haven’t crashed our economy The economy of Belarus is adaptive ...

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Golovchenko: in H1 2022, Belarus saw record FDI net inflows over 9 years

De spite everything that has happened and is happening in the world, in the first quarter of this year, net inflows of the foreign direct investments in Belarus became a record for the last nine years – as stated by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko during his talk with Belarus 1 TV channel Photo: According to Mr. Golovchenko, these slightly exceeded $1.8bn, “Basically, these are reinvested incomes of foreign entities that operate in Belarus. This means that the money is ...

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Rising prices may result in confrontation in Lithuanian society, expert believes

... to destroy the country's economy. “This [the Lithuanian authorities’ attitude ...

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Belarus to produce $25bn of import-substituting products in 2022

... informed by the First Deputy Economy Minister, Yuri Chebotar “We attract ...

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Foreigners invested $3.4bn in Belarus in three months

... the real sector of Belarus’ economy – as informed by the National ...

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China announced start of stress test for its economy

... comprehensive stress test of the economy and financial system to prepare ... logistics chains. Although the Chinese economy is less dependent on imports ...

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Oil of the contaminated territories

Oil will be produced in the Bragin District for the first time New oil deposits and fields have been discovered in the Gomel Region in several zones of the Pripyat Trough. According to geologists, the hydrocarbon resource base would be replenished by more than six million tonnes. Moreover, this became possible largely due to the work that the oilmen carried out in the territories contaminated by the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Photo by BELTA Work is already in full swing near ...

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Attractive Union

Strengthening interregional co-operation, successful projects in construction and agro-industrial complex — the main topics of the meeting of the President of Belarus with Voronezh Region Governor Alexander Gusev Greeting the guests, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that he sees a great interest in the development of co-operation with Belarus on the part of Russian regions, “Thanks to you, we have this co-operation. We are building a single Union State on the new principles to ensure that everyone’s ...

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A test of strength

... Growing uncertainty in the global economy, sanctions from a number of ...

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The state will fulfil social commitments

The situation in the economy requires prompt, but balanced decisions. ... is an indicator of the economy and the state of affairs ... our country) understand that the economy is the number one issue ... of rising prices or deflation. Economy, however, is above all. ... If economy collapses, no one needs the ... common solutions, so that the economy does not suffer. We need ... everything possible to keep the economy going. Then we will have ... people. Not economy for the sake of economy but economy for the sake ...

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Belarus’ investment policy remains favourable

... as much as possible," Economy Minister Aleksandr Chervyakov said, adding ... situation. As noted by the Economy Minister, the current unique economic ...

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Our wheel rolls for everyone

New models, improved product quality and reduced cost: demand for Belshina products is growing Amid the shutdown of tire factories of foreign manufacturers in Russia, the question arises — does Belshina seek to occupy this market segment? Demand for the plant’s products has already increased. Now it is loaded by work at almost 90 percent. In order to win the competition with foreign companies, the company’s specialists are constantly working on updating the range of products, improving their ...

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Chinese small businesses likely to join Russian market

After European brands stop their operation in Russia, small businesses of China will enjoy an excellent opportunity to come instead. At the same time, large Chinese state-run enterprises will act cautiously, fearing possible consequences of violating anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the West, RIA Novosti reports. Photo: According to South China Morning Post, Wang Chuanbao, the President of the Federation of Overseas Chinese in Moscow, believes the gap left by western brands in ...

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Morawiecki reported on hard times in Polish economy

Poland's economy has faced hard times – as ... . Morawiecki added that Poland’s economy is seriously affected not only ...

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