IAEA Head: situation at Zaporozhye NPP is global problem

... ," Mr. Grossi said. The IAEA Head noted the need to ...

Grossi , IAEA , russia , Ukraine , Zaporozhye NPP

IAEA: in a few years, dozens countries to be equipped with nuclear power

... by International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi ... on Climate Change, according to IAEA calculations, it is necessary to ...

IAEA , Grossi , nuclear energy

Lugovskaya: all IAEA safety requirements transformed into norms and regulations in Belarus

... necessary International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) missions for countries that are ... of the international community. The IAEA, which deals with the safety ... as a result of the IAEA missions, our country received recommendations ...

Belarus , IAEA , Gosatomnadzor

IAEA notes growing demand for nuclear energy in the world

... climate change – as noted by IAEA Deputy Director General Mikhail Chudakov ... .com From the recently published IAEA forecast on the future of ... build new facilities,” added the IAEA Deputy Director General. While developed ...

IAEA , nuclear energy , energy ministry

Dapkiunas: Belarus keen to develop efficient interaction with IAEA

... the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Conference, Permanent Representative of ... with existing practice, reports on IAEA assessment and advisory missions in ... the growing demand for the IAEA technical co-operation programme. The ... the leading role of the IAEA in expanding the peaceful use ... developing efficient interaction between the IAEA and Belarus.

Belarus , IAEA , nuclear energy , Dapkiunas

Belarusian NPP presents its products at IAEA General Conference in Vienna

... the 67th session of the IAEA General Conference has begun its ... leading international organisations’ – primarily, the IAEA, Belarus is starting to ensure ... of the station. All the IAEA important missions recommended for the ...

Energy Ministry , BelNPP , iaea

Belarusian report on CNS implementation presented in Vienna

... ) are taking place at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna. The Belarusian ...

IAEA , Belarus , CNS

Zakharova called West accomplice in Kiev’s shelling of Zaporozhye NPP

... the recent session of the IAEA Board of Governors. “Thus, Western ... , even in the presence of IAEA representatives, whose lives they are ... all the data to the IAEA confirming the shelling of the ...

Russia , Ukraine , IAEA , Zakharova , Zaporozhye NPP

Belarus, IAEA signed framework co-operation programme until 2027

... Minister, Yuri Ambrazevich, and the IAEA Deputy Director General, Hua Liu ... Ministry Mr. Ambrazevich thanked the IAEA for its support in strengthening ... to the importance of the IAEA's assistance in development of ... medicine in implementation of the IAEA Director General’s Through Rays ... attracting technical assistance from the IAEA and identifies areas where nuclear ... of co-operation with the IAEA are identified as further capacity ... on September 27th at the IAEA headquarters.

IAEA , belarus , nuclear plant

Belarusian delegation taking part in 66th IAEA General Conference

... the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which is taking place in ... with the leadership of the IAEA Secretariat and its structural divisions ... well as delegations of other IAEA member states. Moreover, the Deputy ...

Belarus , IAEA , Ambrazevich , Foreign Ministry

IAEA reported on results of its mission’s trip to Zaporozhye NPP

... right away. According to the IAEA, the creation of a safety ...

nuclear plant , iaea

IAEA Chief did not rule out risk of accident at Zaporozhye NPP

... interview with Le Monde, the IAEA Director General said that the ...

IAEA , Zaporozhye NPP

Belarus reported to IAEA on spent fuel and radioactive waste management

... Management was presented at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna as part ... with leading international organisations, including IAEA. In addition, the document reports ...

iaea , energy , nuclear plant

Belarus to report to IAEA in August

... on Nuclear Safety to the IAEA in August – as informed by ... report is posted on the IAEA portal so that interested countries ... are also posted on the IAEA portal. This is a comprehensive ... our national report on the IAEA website. Due to the epidemiological ... on Nuclear Safety to the IAEA in August.

Belarus , iaea , nuclear safety

IAEA post-mission completed work in Belarus

IAEA post-mission on the Integrated ... is to assess how the IAEA safety standards are being met ... country in accordance with the IAEA standards in the field of ... now,” Ms. Bradford noted. “The IAEA calls for full implementation of ... . At the same time, the IAEA highly appreciates the work of ...


Belarus extremely interested in nuclear and radiation safety

... Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov The IAEA post-mission on the Integrated ...

iaea , nuclear safety

IAEA experts come to Belarusian NPP

IAEA experts visited the Belarusian nuclear ... .belaes.by As informed, the IAEA experts came to Belarus as ...

nuclear plant , iaea

Belarus and IAEA to sign co-operation programme for 2022-2027

... the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Hua Liu – as reported by ... th to emphasise that the IAEA technical co-operation programme is ... programme. Mr. Aleinik thanked the IAEA for its support in strengthening ... -2027 between Belarus and the IAEA in the near future. Photos ...

foreign ministry , iaea

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