Posted: 13.12.2021 17:34:00

Belarus extremely interested in nuclear and radiation safety

Belarus is interested in nuclear and radiation safety like no one else – as stated by the Deputy Emergencies Minister, Anatoly Dolgolevets

Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

The IAEA post-mission on the Integrated Assessment of the Regulatory Infrastructure for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (IRRS) came to Belarus on December 5th and is completing its work in the country today. It aimed to review implementation of the recommendations and proposals made in October 2016 during the first visit of the IRRS mission. Thirteen experts represented competent organisations of Greece, Pakistan, Russia, the USA, Finland, Switzerland, and also the International Atomic Energy Agency. The post-mission was led by a representative of the Swiss Federal Inspectorate for Nuclear Safety (ENSI), Georg Schwarz. Representatives of the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Department of the Belarusian Emergencies Ministry (Gosatomnadzor), the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Centre state science and technology institution, the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry, the Healthcare Ministry, and the Foreign Ministry worked with the mission from the Belarusian side.

Mr. Dolgolevets noted that a national plan was drawn up after the previous mission came in 2016 – to implement recommendations and proposals. By now, 22 of the 25 recommendations and 18 of the 20 proposals have been fully met.

“Actually, almost all the points have been implemented. The remaining ones are related to development of medicine and the nuclear power plant itself," the official briefly explained. “The post-mission experts suggested which way to move further and what else to pay attention to.”