Posted: 30.10.2023 14:43:00

Lugovskaya: all IAEA safety requirements transformed into norms and regulations in Belarus

All nuclear safety requirements, which in our country have been transformed into norms and rules, have been formed and formulated by the international community – as stated by Head of the Department for Nuclear and Radiation Safety at the Belarusian Emergencies Ministry (Gosatomnadzor) Olga Lugovskaya

According to her, Belarus has accepted all the necessary International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) missions for countries that are implementing the first programmes, “We are under the closest attention of the international community. The IAEA, which deals with the safety of nuclear installations, develops safety requirements, tries its best through its missions, through consultations, through scientific and technical projects to ensure the implementation of safety requirements in countries. Belarus, being a new country, accepted all the necessary missions for countries that are implementing their first programmes.”

Olga Lugovskaya noted that as a result of the IAEA missions, our country received recommendations enabling us to increase the level of our requirements, properly organise the infrastructure and ensure unconditional compliance with all safety requirements.

“Each mission ended with the formation of plans, which were approved at the Government level, put under control and unconditionally carried out,” underlined the Head of Gosatomnadzor.