Posted: 15.02.2022 17:38:00

Belarus to report to IAEA in August

Belarus will submit its next national report for the Convention on Nuclear Safety to the IAEA in August – as informed by the Head of the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Department of the Belarusian Emergencies Ministry (Gosatomnadzor), Olga Lugovskaya, during a press conference at BelTA’s press centre


"Belarus signed the Convention on Nuclear Safety in the mid-1990s – so this is a continuous process. A national report is being prepared every three years. Speaking of the Convention on Nuclear Safety, this report covers safety aspects of all facilities that are classified under this convention," Ms. Lugovskaya said, adding, “The document records all safety aspects not only of a facility but its infrastructure elements as well. These are issues related to the regulatory framework and implementation of all procedures (licensing and inspection activities). Accordingly, this report is posted on the IAEA portal so that interested countries can review this national document and ask questions.”

According to Ms. Lugovskaya, Belarus is very popular in this regard since the country’s nuclear project is of great interest to the neighbouring countries and the world community on the whole. "Accordingly, we always lead in terms of the number of questions asked in relation to national reports. After being asked, we address other countries with questions in a similar way. These are also posted on the IAEA portal. This is a comprehensive process. We further prepare appropriate answers to these questions and defend our national report on the IAEA website. Due to the epidemiological situation, we have had no face-to-face meetings recently; these have been postponed. We will defend our report later this year. So far, we plan to defend the national report on safety of spent fuel management and on safety of radioactive waste management by personal attendance,” Ms. Lugovskaya informed.

The meeting is scheduled for June-July. Belarus will submit its next national report for the Convention on Nuclear Safety to the IAEA in August.