Opinion: real leader, rather than figurehead, always been in power in Belarus

The modern Constitution of Belarus, which envisages strong presidential power, is a consequence of the country’s special historical path – as stated by political expert Yuri Shevtsov, the Director of the European Integration Centre, in his talk with Alfa Radio The expert noted that the Belarusian system of government and state management had not been born from scratch, “It was being formed during the post-war years, and we had our own peculiar feature within the BSSR and the Soviet Union: a ...

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Scientist explains why Lukashenko pays so much attention to regions’ development

... a large figure. Therefore, the Head of State is paying so much attention ...

belsky , opinion , villages , head of state

Lukashenko on electricity supplies to Lithuania and Ukraine

... -Slavic or un-Christian,” the Head of State noted. According to the President ...

head of state , electricity , nuclear power

National Centre for Personal Data Protection to be established in Belarus

... will be approved by the Head of State. “It will be called the ...

head of state , data protection

Lukashenko instructed to prepare a meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

The Head of State has ordered to prepare everything ...

head of state , venezuela

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