Posted: 07.10.2021 14:11:44

Lukashenko instructed to prepare a meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

The Head of State has ordered to prepare everything necessary so that a meeting with the Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, could take place in the near future

Aleksandr Lukashenko informed on the agreements achieved during his meeting with Adan Chavez Frias, the Venezuelan President's Special Envoy and the elder brother of former President Hugo Chavez.

“We unanimously stated that we need to restore the level of relations that we enjoyed in the past and to significantly exceed it. Venezuela has everything we need. We have everything Venezuela needs. What is holding us back? We need to find ways for mutual settlements, offsets and so on – and to resume trade,” President Lukashenko said, adding, “We should prepare everything necessary so that the presidents can meet in the near future and stake out the avenues of our co-operation.”