Study: blood proteins can predict dementia 10 years in advance

A study of frozen blood samples has ... Photo: The study – published in the Nature Aging ... new treatments. “Based on this study, it does seem likely that ...

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Study: poverty in Argentina reached 20-year high of 57.4%

In January 2023, the poverty rate in Argentina was the highest in the last 20 years, Reuters reports with reference to a report of the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA) published by local media on February 18 th Photo: According to the report, the Peso devaluation in early December and a subsequent increase in prices exacerbated the poverty rate, which amounted to 49.5 percent at the end of the year. "In December, the current government carried out large-scale ...

Argentina , poverty , study

Fugitives’ research: trust in Belarusian government and state media is growing

... on the results of a study conducted by the liquidated opposition ... from the results of the study that 47 percent of respondents ... . According to all conducted sociological studies, Belarusians support President Aleksandr Lukashenko ... to seek the truth. Another study was conducted by British scientific ... on the results of the study. “Well, if we remove the ...

opposition , mass media , trust , study

A clever tongue can get you all the way to China

Both adults and schoolchildren study Chinese at Polotsk State University ... the Mandarin dialect that we study, but also with other dialects ... specialty with an in-depth study of the economy of the ... specialty ‘Foreign Languages and Religious Studies’ there was not even a ... Industry and Products has been studying the language since 2017. She ... after the first year of study, I was lucky to visit ...

study , Chinese , Polotsk State University , education

Clinical trial of nasal vaccine against COVID-19 launched in Moscow

... the basis of polyclinics, a study of a nasal vaccine against ...

Russia , coronavirus , study

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