Posted: 04.03.2024 17:40:00

Study: blood proteins can predict dementia 10 years in advance

A study of frozen blood samples has revealed many proteins that can predict several forms of dementia up to ten years before the disease is diagnosed, Reuters reports with reference to scientists from the UK and China


The study – published in the Nature Aging journal – is part of the work of multiple teams to identify patients at risk of developing dementia using a simple blood test. As many scientists assert, the research will accelerate the development of new treatments.

“Based on this study, it does seem likely that blood tests will be developed that can predict risk for developing dementia over the next 10 years," Dr. Suzanne Schindler, an Alzheimer's researcher at Washington University in St. Louis, said.

Researchers from the University of Warwick and Fudan University examined more than 52 thousand blood samples from the British Biobank research repository collected in 2006-2010 from people who at that time had no signs of developing dementia.