News photo: walking around city of Polotsk in Vitebsk Region

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Traditions of glory, honour and valour

... the parade ground of the Polotsk Cadet School. “Right shoulder forward ... first cadet class appeared in Polotsk Secondary School No. 4, ... He left military service in Polotsk from the position of commander ... set about creating a modern Polotsk Cadet School. The government supported ... reviving cadetism in the ancient Polotsk land. Cadets ANTON STEPANISHCHEV Heroes ... Russia, the history of the Polotsk Cadet Corps and materials narrating ... In the museum of the Polotsk Cadet School ANTON STEPANISHCHEV To ...

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In the footsteps of jewellers

Sensational finding in Polotsk: archaeologists have discovered an ancient ... at the city stadium of Polotsk: dozens of archaeologists, volunteers and ... the sports stadium, which in Polotsk is habitually called Spartak, is ... of History and Tourism of Polotsk State University Aleksei Kots smiles ... in the ancient land of Polotsk, which still holds many secrets ... in the history of ancient Polotsk. Well, it’s quite real ... museum funds of the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve ...

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Check out the tower!

... Nature and Ecology Museum of Polotsk is housed in… a former ... its own theme and zest. Polotsk forever The ‘hostess’ of the ... mountains — she will always choose Polotsk for its special atmosphere, comfort ... a reclamation canal in the Polotsk District. The degree of their ... Nature and Ecology Museum of Polotsk is never empty. This year ...

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Symbol of Unity rally started in Belarus

... Belarusian statehood – the city of Polotsk – became the starting point for ...

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A holiday that unites

Polotsk hosted the festival Vytoki. A ... , the opportunity was presented to Polotsk in the Vitebsk Region. The ... the way, is based in Polotsk. According to Olga, they wanted ... , everything is very cool in Polotsk. For the regions, such holidays ... canoeing are iconic sports for Polotsk. Projects such as Vytoki stir ... of our champions grown in Polotsk!” What is one of the ... karate Daria Matveyeva is in Polotsk as part of a delegation ... . And the sky over ancient Polotsk flared up with all the ...

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Better tomorrow – in purity of soul

... an eparchy was founded in Polotsk — the first in the ... lands. St. Euphrosyne Convent of Polotsk Photo by Aleksey Vyazmitinov Minsk ... painting of the 17th century. Polotsk: cradle of prayer The ... eparchy in our lands — Polotsk. The official history of the ... Remembrance of Saint Euphrosyne of Polotsk. The beginning of the ... the Divine Liturgy in the Polotsk St. Sophia Cathedral, where ... St. Euphrosyne Convent of Polotsk along the route connected with ... the stormy history of the Polotsk land, which took many ...

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Celebrations honouring 1030th anniversary of Orthodoxy in Belarusian lands held in Polotsk

... memory of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk were held – gathering thousands of ... the St. Sophia Cathedral of Polotsk, and then believers went to ... recalled hard times of the Polotsk land: it was often attacked ... All Belarus Veniamin recalled how Polotsk and the diocese had transformed ...

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Either a gramophone, or a meat grinder

... Slavic principality? Registration address The Polotsk Museum of Local Studies Photo ... : www.polotsk.retropc.org The museum is ... such neo-Gothic monument in Polotsk. The museum of local ... Irina Vodneva, Head of the Polotsk Museum of Local Studies. ... representatives of Catholic orders in Polotsk: Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans, Bernardines. ... that the first inhabitants of Polotsk settled more than a thousand ... of the Zapadnaya Dvina — Palata. Polotsk took a very advantageous position ...

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Preparations for 900th anniversary of Saviour and St. Euphrosyne Convent in Polotsk discussed

... , spirituality and roots are in Polotsk. “It is necessary to outline ...

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