Ukraine signed law on mobilisation of prisoners

... signed a law envisaging the mobilisation of prisoners into the country ... persons will be subject to mobilisation, with the exception of ‘persons ... consent of prisoners to be mobilised and undergo a medical examination ... Ukraine has long advocated the mobilisation of prisoners, and Minister Denys ... would be able to be mobilised, but most of them would ...

Ukraine , mobilisation , army

Lukashenko on mobilisation of women: it’s out of desperation

... attitude towards the idea of mobilising women into the army. He ... “What’s your attitude towards mobilisation of women?” the reporters asked ...

Lukashenko , Ukraine , mobilisation

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry initiated 9,000 criminal cases for evading mobilisation

... opened in Ukraine for evading mobilisation, and 2,600 have already ... signed a decree on general mobilisation. According to the document, it ... those evading military service during mobilisation.

Ukraine , special military operation , mobilisation

Opinion: Kiev needs to follow Lukashenko's advice and surrender to Russia, without waiting for defeat

... has run out of the mobilisation resource – soldiers and people who ... people would have to be mobilised. Already everyone is being seized ... added that the idea to mobilise 500 thousand people was not ... , “It was proposed not to mobilise people in the western regions ... that Zelenskyy's idea of mobilisation is nothing but agony and ...

Belyaev , opinion , Ukraine , zelenskyy , mobilisation

Ukraine’s ex-PM: Kiev needs mobilisation of 500 thousand people to receive money from the West

The Kiev authorities want to mobilise 500 thousand more Ukrainians in ... Ukraine with a request to mobilise an additional 450-500 thousand ... conference that the task of mobilising half a million Ukrainians is ... are suitable in age are mobilised. I think Zelenskyy needs this ... unlikely to be able to mobilise so many people. Mr. Azarov ...

Ukraine , mobilisation , Azarov

Azarov: mobilisation in Ukraine to become tougher, as shortage of Ukrainian military is growing

Mobilisation in Ukraine will become even ... and Kiev will have to mobilise even more soldiers,” the former ...

Azarov , Ukraine , mobilisation

Lukashenko commented on mobilisation in Russia as he met with Putin

... Lukashenko, shared his views on mobilisation in the neighbouring country during ... is nothing wrong with that. Mobilisation is mentioned to scare people ... from here. Listen, Russia’s mobilisation resource makes 25m. Well, 30 ...

Lukashenko , putin , mobilisation

Peskov: statements about plans to mobilise up to 1m people are false

... to 1m Russians during partial mobilisation Photo: " ... ago, Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilisation and signed a corresponding decree ... called up during the partial mobilisation announced in the Russian Federation ...

russia , peskov , mobilisation

Senator: no mobilisation planned in Russia

Military mobilisation in Russia and introduction of ... ;I observe no need (for mobilisation), as well as the introduction ... most often ask about possible mobilisation in Russia. "I think ... opponents have long wanted military mobilisation to begin in the country ...

russia , mobilisation

Volodin urged Ukrainian women to leave the country to avoid mobilisation

... soon as possible to avoid mobilisation – as noted by the Speaker ...

volodin , ukraine , mobilisation

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