Posted: 08.01.2024 14:03:00

Opinion: Kiev needs to follow Lukashenko's advice and surrender to Russia, without waiting for defeat

It is clear to all now, including Zelenskyy, that the war in Ukraine is moving towards its end, so the Ukrainian leader needs to listen to the President of Belarus, who says: as long as you are offered an honourable surrender, you must use it, otherwise you will be completely defeated – as stated by Aleksei Belyaev, the Dean of the Journalism Department at the Belarusian State University, in his talk with Alfa Radio

The expert agreed with the Belarusian President that the Kiev regime will collapse if Ukraine fails to surrender while this offer is being made. “If Zelenskyy does not act wisely, everything will end as a complete defeat for Ukraine. This will be the second Berlin of 1945, with all the sad consequences. We remember how it all ended then: Hitler died even before May 9th,” he said.    

Mr. Belyaev explained why the end of the conflict in Ukraine is already close, “It is somehow possible for Kiev to rely on monetary resources and some kind of equipment, to believe that the West will still render its assistance – though we see that the flows have sharply decreased in this regard. Clearly, they will not fully abandon Ukraine, they will give something. But Ukraine has run out of the mobilisation resource – soldiers and people who will use all this. There has recently been made an absolutely unpopular and barbaric decision – and Zelenskyy voiced it at a recent press conference – that another half a million people would have to be mobilised. Already everyone is being seized in Ukraine, but they wish to allow it on the legislative level to conscript the disabled of the second medical group and to register women.”

The expert added that the idea to mobilise 500 thousand people was not welcomed in Ukraine, “It is clear that Zelenskyy is absolutely not independent in his decisions. Those who are freer in their capabilities and statements assert that this is an absolutely unrealisable project. One of the Ukrainian political scientists proposed not to draft local men but to use the money of the West to recruit mercenaries in Asia and Africa. As he said, there are many people who are ready to fight in Ukraine for money. However, they will not fight for Ukraine, but for money.”

Mr. Belyaev also commented on the idea of the need to preserve the Ukrainian gene pool, “It was proposed not to mobilise people in the western regions of Ukraine in order to protect the country’s gene pool and to rather attract men from the third world to fight for Ukrainians. This is a perverse logic of Ukrainian Nazism: our gene pool should be saved whenever possible, so we will invite some third-rate people. This logic is both cannibalistic and idiotic. Even Machiavelli said that no mercenary will fight for a country: the people will fight for it if they consider it their own. Meanwhile, half of the population of Ukraine has moved out.”

The expert concluded that Zelenskyy's idea of mobilisation is nothing but agony and hysteria.